13 FEBRUARY 1909, Page 25

William Lyon Mackenzie. By Charles Lindsey. Edited by G. G.

Lindsey. (T. C. and E. C. Jack. 21s. net.)--This volume is announced as belonging to the series, often mentioned with praise in these columns, of " Makers of Canada." It is not, how- ever, one of the twenty volumes which complete the set. The fifteenth in order of this series treats of the same subject, and is from the pen of Dr. W. D. Le Sueur, author of another volume (" Count Frontetme"). The title-page bears tho names given above, but on the outside we have the name of "James L. Hughes." W. L. Mackenzie headed an abortive attempt at .rebellion in 1837. He fled to the States, but was imprisoned there. In 1849 lie availed himself of an amnesty and returned to Canada. His Life was written by his son-in-law,—ho died in 1861. This work, published in 1862, now appears revised and enlarged by his grandson. It is a curious tiling to see a " rebel " —he appears as both "rebel" and "patriot" in the biography- mong the " Makers of Canada," but we do not question the justice of the choice. It was against local misrule, not against Constitutional principles, that he revolted. It may well be that his protest, irregular as it was, worked for good.