13 FEBRUARY 1909, Page 25

Women of AMNations. Edited by T. Athol Joyce, M.A., and

N. W, Thomas, M.A. Vol. II. (Cassell and Co. 155. net.)—The con- tents of this volume include the native tribes of North America, China, Japan, Korea, Manchuria, &c., India and Ceylon, Persia, and Western Asia, and Europe. This last section extends to very little over a hundred pages, and wo must confess to a certain sense of disappointment at the way in which it is dealt with. Here is France dismissed in some seven pages, with no very characteristic illustration. Tho British Isles have no more. This chapter has one coloured drawing, and it is sufficiently pretty ; but the Scottish and Irish are most indifferently repre- sented. We could have spared Hairy Ainus and such folk for some near home specimens. It is only fair to say that it is a highly interesting and attractive volume, and that its literary matter is often of considerable value.