13 FEBRUARY 1915, Page 1

In the south the Austro-Hungarians, stiffened by a large German

contingent. have been making a determined effort to save the Hungarian plain from the Russian flood. In order to accomplish this the Teutonic lines have made a risky advance into the Bokowina, while at the same time endeavour- ing to posh the Russians back in the various passes of the Carpathians. Indeed, it is probable that the German local intention was to do more than merely hold the southern mouths of the passes. They hoped to recroas the mountains and once again occupy Northern Galicia. The attempt has been a failure, and in almost all the local actions the Russians were victorious. The most serious encounter was that which took place at dawn last Sunday. The German attack was covered by the usual fire from massed artillery. The battle, however, was no artillery duel, but took the form of hand- to-hand fighting of the greatest ferocity. In the end the Hessian resistance overcame the German attacks, as it has done in almost all cases where there has been anything like equality of numbers.