13 FEBRUARY 1915, Page 16


[TO me Emma or ma "Srsamor."] Sin,--A few days ago the Morning Post published the pro- gramme of an organization calling itself (if my memory serves me) the "Union of Democratic Control." designed apparently to exert some influence upon the terms of peace when the appropriate time arrives. Among the organizers of this " Union " whose names were published are Messrs. Norman Angell, Ramsay MacDonald, and Keir Hardie, and also Vernon Lee. This last name probably is that which is assumed as a nom de guerre by Miss Violet Paget, who, in the New York Evening Post of October 8th, 1914, made a virulent attack on the British Government for its " part in the great. European struggle," more particularly described in the Spectator of October 24th, 1914, p. 556. Some pains were taken to bring the letter in which this description was given to the notice of bliss Paget. If she has made any answer to it in the English Press, I have not seen it. If the " Union of Democratic Control" expects to exert any influences upon the terms of peace, it will have to call into its counsels the friends of England, not its enemies.—I am, Sir, Ac., B. It. M.