13 FEBRUARY 1915, Page 2

It may be worth while to note that the reason

why this has not happened before is not any indifference on His Majesty's part towards the National Reserve, for it is an open secret that he has always taken the greatest interest in it. The previous absence of mention is due to the fact that, though members of the National Reserve now pervade every part of the Army —the Regulars, the Special Reserve, the Territorials, and the New Army—it is very seldom that they are to be found acting together. Only, indeed, as railway guards, guards at vulnerable points, and guards for prisoners afloat and on land are National Reservists ever seen together. And when they are seen in these formations the men are the oldest portion of the Reserve in the matter of age. We are fully aware that they need no excuse on this score, but the fact should be mentioned lest it should be supposed that the National Reserve did not contain, as it does, a very large number of men in the fullest physical vigour. When is the War Office going to publish the figures of the National Reserve ?