13 FEBRUARY 1915, Page 2

There was a remarkable scene at the meeting of the

Dania on Tuesday. The Times correspondent says that the en- thusiasm for conducting the war to its appointed end was quite as great as six months ago, and perhaps greater. The debate was several times interrupted by the singing of the National Anthem. The British and French Ambassadors received ovations. The President spoke of "noble and mighty England," who had "come forward with all her strength to defend the right." Apostrophizing Englund, he said: "There is not a single cloud on the horizon of our lasting harmony. Heartfelt greetings to you, true friends, rulers of the waves and our companions in arms I May victory and glory go with you everywhere!" The Premier described the abolition of the liquor truffle as a "second serfdom vanishing at the behest of the Tsar." Referring to German attempts to produce discord between Britain and Russia, he said that they were mere bunglinga. Such attempts would always fail. Similar attempts to produce anti-Russian feeling in America had also miscarried. Speakers from every part of the House—Poles, Jewe, Armenians, Esthonians, Lithuanians, Moslems—agreed that to conclude peace before German militarism bad been shattered would be a crime against humanity.