13 JANUARY 1866, Page 1

The insurrection in Spain has been going on all the

week, but the Government has contrived to suppress almost all information. Judging from visible facts only, it would appear that General Prim and about 1,200 cavalry have made their way by a circuitous route to La Mancha, defeating Marshal Concha en route; that many regiments have threatened to join him, but have not done so ; that Madrid, Barcelona,-.Saragossa, and Malaga are more or less in his favour ; that the Progressistas sympathize with without exactly acknowledging him ; and that the Government is exces- sively alarmed at the extent of the organization it has to fight. Marshal O'Donnell has procured addresses of adhesion from the Cortes, which is filled with his creatures, but has placed Madrid and Aragon under martial law, has prohibited all meetings, for- bidden journals to publish news, and locked up the garrison of Madrid, so that the soldiers peep through the barrack windows while general officers mount guard at the doors. We have endea- voured elsewhere to explain the' primary difficulty of Spain, and need only say here that any opinion on this particular revolt must be a rash one. If the facts which ooze out are correct, and if M. Renter's bulletin writers are inspired by Government, and if the French journals are decently well informed, then the balance of probabilities is slightly against Prim. Anybody who says more than that is prophesying.