13 JANUARY 1866, Page 2

The Jamaica news tells us only that the Legislature were

pre- paring to commit their constitutional reform entirely to the Home Government, and that a despatch—or extracts of a despatch— from Mr. Cardwell, apparently approving of all Mr. Eyre had done up to the sending off of his first despatch, had been read in the Assembly. When Mr. Cardwell published Mr. Eyre's excited and self-condemnatory despatch, the English public almost at once assumed that he disapproved it. He would not, they thought, have published a document telling so strongly against Mr. Eyre if he were disposed to defend him. It seems, however; that Mr. Cardwell and Mr. Eyre were quite of one mind in the matter. If Mr. Cardwell had been governing Jamaica he would have done what Mr. Eyre did, and written as Mr. Eyre wrote, and Mr. Eyre no doubt would have approved all his proceeding's.