13 JANUARY 1866, Page 2

The New York correspondent of the Times believes that the

American Fenians will really make an attempt upon Canada, and gives one strong reason for his belief. The new " President " Roberts and his Senate represent the immediate war party, and it is believed that unless they act and act quickly they will be de- prived alike of support and funds. They cannot invade Ireland, and may therefore make an attempt upon Canada, in repressing which, as they calculate, we shall embroil ourselves with the American Government. That is quite a possible calculation for Fenians, but not a probable one for the American Government. When that Government wants to go to war with us it will choose its time and its pretext, and certainly not let a person in the dry- goods-line who chooses to call himself by a ridiculous title dictate either. The President is quite strong enough to keep an Irish society in order, and the Fenians forget one little fact—the delight with which respectable New York would seize the oppor- tunity of reading the Irish one severe .lesson, just to teach them that the city belongs to Americans, and not to them.