13 JANUARY 1866, Page 2

The Prussian project of annexing the Duchies hangs fire, an

it is said that Herr von Bisniark has received a serious check. The Russian Court, which is just about to proclaim the betrothal of its heir to the Princess Dagmar, does not approve the design, or the summary extinction of its own reversionary rights. Austria, moreover, has demanded the convocation of the States of the Duchies, and appears to be recovering, with Hungary, some of her influence in Germany. The King therefore hangs back, and the people may yet be consulted, in which case the Duke of Augusten- burg, who will soon be brother-in-law of an English princess, may yet find himself elected. In that case, to make the drama complete, King William ought to throw out his Premier's head as a sop to his Parliament.