13 JANUARY 1866, Page 3

A man has been badgered into poisoning himself. A meeting

of councillors, butchers, doctors, and others, was held in Berlin on the 18th ult., to discuss trichiniasis, and a diseased sausage was exhibited. A veterinary surgeon, however, named Urban, would not believe in trichina), called them harmless, and, with a vet's usual dislike of doctors, declared they had invented the disease for the sake of practice. The crowd shouted to him to eat the sausage, and met every remonstrance with cries of

" Eat! eat !" At last he did eat, and five days afterwards was confined to his bed with his arms and legs paralyzel. In Germany, as in England, the only preventative is believed to be thorough cooking. A thermometer at 130 deg. kills the trichinae, and nothing else does.