13 JANUARY 1866, Page 3

The French Government is in a mess, probably designed, possibly

only the result of carelessness. It has made a treaty with that wretched little Prince of Monaco, giving ships with his flag nearly the same rights as ships with the French flag. But half the nations of earth have treaties with France containing the " most favoured nation " clause, and consequently if the treaty is strictly interpreted the French navigation laws are at an end. If this is intended it is adroit but undignified, if not, Napoleon will probably escape by pleading that agreements between Her Britannic Majesty and the Isle of Man do not affect foreign powers. Monaco is in the Almanach de Gotha, but still if the Moniteur contained an announcement that Florestan Grimaldi had ceased to reign, the diplomatic world, after a slight shudder, would reconcile itself, and dine without condolences with the Due de Valeutinois.