13 JANUARY 1894, Page 3

Miss Shaw, who has great experience of Colonial life, delivered

a lecture sit the Colonial Institute on Tuesday on Australia. We have said enough about it elsewhere, but we wish to ask a question here. If her account is true, Southern Australia is a paradise for the agricultural labourer ; and we want to know the true reason why more emigrants do not go there. There ought, in particular, to be an outflow of a hundred thousand South Germans a year. They understand vine-growing, and one year's work would give them acres enough to live on in comfort. Is it the distance which prevents them from trying this new field, or the cost of getting there, or sheer ignorance? They emigrate in thousands to Southern Brazil, while the Italians pour into Argentina in such numbers that in Italy the word " America " means the valley of the Plate, just as in England the word means only the United States.