13 JANUARY 1906, Page 13



SIR,—As a regular reader of the Spectator, I shall be obliged if you will kindly advise me, as a Unionist (Free-trader), which of the two candidates I should vote for. The circumstances are somewhat peculiar, inasmuch as sugar-refining is one of the staple industries here. Mr. Jas. Reid (Conservative), the late Member, is a strong advocate for a continuation of the Brussels (Sugar) Convention Agreement. He is also opposed to Free-trade. Mr. Halley Stewart, the Liberal candidate, is against the continuation of the Brussels Agreement, and is an out-and-out Free-trader.—I am, Sir, &c., UNIONIST.

[We have no hesitation in advising our correspondent to vote for the Liberal and Free-trade candidate,—presuming, of course, that he conforms to the official Liberal view as to the place of Home-rule in the Election, and does not, contrary to the opinion of his leaders, insist that a Home-rule' Bill must be introduced in the next Parliament. In no circum- stances should Unionist Free-traders neglect to exercise their vote and interest on the side of Free-trade and against Pro- tection, whether open or disguised.—ED. Spectator.1