13 JANUARY 1906, Page 24

A Golden Trust. By Theo Douglas. (Smith, Elder, and Co.

6s.)—Miss Douglas has contrived to impart a note of originality to an historical novel of the time of the French Revolution, and this is so great a feat that it deserves particular notice. It is true that not until the end of the book is the reader transported to Paris in its days of storm ; but still the story may very properly be said to deal with the time of the Revolution. The chapters in which the scene is laid in Paris are very vividly written, and give the reader many details as to the political situation in the weeks just before the September massacres. With these stirring historical episodes the author has mingled a romance dealing with hidden treasure and attempted assassination in a lonely farmhouse in England. While, as will be seen, the story abounds in exciting incidents, it is at the same time well written, and the characters are vividly realised. The book is very decidedly above the ordinary run of historical novels.