13 JANUARY 1906, Page 25

Joseph Howe. By the Hon. J. W. Longley. (T. C.

and E. C. Jack. 21s. net per vol., in sets only.)—This is one of " The Makers of Canada " Series. That the issues involved in Mr. Howe's political action should not be very clear to English readers is inevitable. We can see, how- ever, that he did good service to his country (Nova Scotia) in furthering the cause of responsible government, in advancing it from the condition of a Crown Colony (to use a fairly close analogy) to one that enjoyed self-government. The second part of Mr. Howe's career is less intelligible. This includes the policy which he pursued in the matter of confederation. His biographer is here not wholly laudatory. Mr. Howe certainly changed his attitude, going over from the Opposition to the Government. Whether he did so for adequate reasons is a matter on which we should be sorry to pass judgment. Meanwhile no one, we venture to think, will be disposed to question the justice of the choice which includes him among the " Makers of Canada."