13 JANUARY 1906, Page 25

Our Lord's Resurrection. By the Rev. W. J. Sparrow Simpson.

(Longman and Co. 5s. net.) —This is an able examination of the statements of the Evangelists and of St. Paul on the subject of our Lord's Resurrection. We doubt, indeed, whether Mr. Simp- son's distinction between the Judean and the Galilean appear- ances, "a gradual decrease of materiality and an increase of spirituality," can be maintained. It is simpler to see in all the one principle,—presence recognisable by the senses, but only when these are spiritually informed. But that the documents as a whole are conclusive as to the general belief of those who penned them must surely be allowed. The evidence of St. Paul is stated with much force, but we venture to doubt whether the Apostle's "selected illustration" bears the meaning which Mr. Simpson would put upon it. Did he think that the putting of the body into the grave was represented by the sowing of the seed? Does not the perishable seed symbolise generally this mortal life, the future growth the glories of the life immortal?