13 JANUARY 1906, Page 25

Should Clergymen Criticise the Bible? (James Nisbet and Co. Ss.

6d.)—In this volume we have a reprint of a number of letters which appeared in the Daily Mail between July 10th and Septem- ber 7th in last year. It was opened by a paper from the pen of Sir Robert Anderson, who commits himself to the extraordinary statement that "there is not a single destructive article in the Encyclopaedia Biblica which might not have been written by any literary hack with Banes words before him." Baur died forty- five years ago, and his chief critical work was done by 1850, while not a few weapons both of defence and offence have been dis- covered since then. Of course we are not concerned to defend the "Encyclopaedia Biblica," of which we expressed a distinctly adverse opinion some years ago. It is indeed a pity that such a moderate work as Hastings's "Dictionary of the Bible" is not chosen as the battlefield. It is needless to say that the con- troversy was not limited to the question proposed.