13 JANUARY 1906, Page 25

The Hampstead Annual, 1905 - 6. Edited by Greville E. Matheson and

Sydney C. Mayle. (S. C. Mayle, Hampstead. 2s. 6d. net.)— This is the ninth volume of the Annual, and we venture to con- gratulate it on its continued vigour. (It says something for its success that three of the eight preceding volumes are out of print.) Former residents of Hampstead supply, as usual, excel- lent subjects. Professor Sully gives us an appreciative notice of James Cotter Morison, a man of whom his friend Mr. Frederic Harrison remarks that he " left his mark even more in the memory of his friends than in permanent fruit before the public." Professor Hales tells us about Sir Charles Sedley, who died in a cottage, afterwards occupied by Steele, and Dr. Robertson Nicoll about H. E. Orrinsmith, an artist whose work was well known to multitudes who knew nothing about the man. Other papers deal with local matters of interest; others, again, though the local tie is but slight, we are glad to have for their own sake.