13 JANUARY 1939, Page 6


THE new Parliamentary Group of which Mr. Duncan Sandys, M.P., is the central figure is neither, so far as I can gather, quite dead nor quite alive. The public meeting which was to have been held on Wednesday evening of this week has been " postponed," and the officers of the new organisation, prominent among them Mr. Sandys and the Duchess of Atholl, are mentally reviewing their followers and deciding whether they form an army likely to impress. The conclusion may very well be that they do not, for most of the persons likely to carry weight with the public were among those who walked out of the original gathering at the Caxton Hall. These find themselves in a difficult position, for while they held strong convictions on the desirability of forming a group that would press for firmer action in the handling of foreign affairs, they hold convictions equally strong on the capacity of the group that predominated at the Caxton Hall meeting to discharge that function effectively. They are therefore put out of action themselves, while without them the group loses what would certainly be its principal rallying-point.