13 JANUARY 1939, Page 6

The activity and ingenuity displayed by a small section of

the unemployed in staging unexpected demonstrations with the assistance of such stage properties as a makeshift coffin appear to be due to a few members of the Inter- national Brigade just back from Spain. The demonstrations have done no harm so far, but they may easily become a nuisance, and it is a pity that the papers should give them undue publicity, as certain of them certainly have. The police, too, seem a little unimaginative. When a few young men chained themselves to the railings outside the Minister of Labour's house there was no good reason why constables should cut them loose with hacksaws. They were hurting no one, and if contiguity to railings, Mr. Ernest Brown's railings in particular, gratified them they might surely have been left till their desires were satisfied and they loosed themselves voluntarily from their fetters.