13 JANUARY 1979, Page 19

Generation of promise?

Sir: The Headmaster of Winchester asks (16 Dec). what has happened to make boys 'easier' in the sense that the anarchic revolutionary Sixties are in recession. I find this a disturbing example of schoolmasterly introspection as when he pontificates that 'it will be a long time before we know' (the answer).

Might not the answer be as plain and as obvious as, for all I know, the nose on Dr Thorn's face? Could it be that the majority of the present generation of schoolboys have quite simply perceived the wholly negative and dead-end nature of the claptrap of the Sixties and early Seventies? And if this be so might not it follow that this could be the generation to extricate us from the vacuousness of most political thinking and ever increasing bureaucratic badgering?

Ralph Roney An Seilisdeir, -Loch Don, Isle of Mull