13 JANUARY 1996, Page 26

Airwaves critic

Sir: I am glad The Spectator now has a radio critic. Like him, I don't mind Mr Paul Gambaccini on Radio Three (Radio, 6 Jan- uary). What I do dislike are the thin, colourless voices, and the pathetic attempts at friendliness, of the home-grown nonenti- ties that Mr Nicholas Kenyon has brought in to replace the splendid Mr Peter Burke and his traditionalist colleagues.

By the way, I wonder whether Mr Fritz Spiegl and I are the only people in the country who detest the monotonous drone of reporters when reading from scripts — a drone that is beginning to spread to presen- ters. I hope I can count on your radio critic to make it a trio.

P.R. Bonnett

16 Short Close, Downham Market, Norfolk