13 JUNE 1835, Page 5

hjt Court.

Tim King and Queen, accompaoied by the Dutehess of Kent, the Princess Victoria, the linkes of Cumberland and Cambridge, and other visitcrs, in a suite of seven carriages, went on Monday to Eton, to see the triennial exhibition of the Alontem. The Royal party con- tributed, as usual, to fill the purse of the Captain, Master Money, and returned to the Castle by two o'clock.

On Wedtiesday, the King came to town and held a levee. The I‘Iarquis of I leadfort kissed hands, as Lord of the liede'eenber. 'Fire company was not numerous. Several addresses Wt re presented, pray- ing for protection to the Church ; and one front Wiltshire, by Mr. J. T. Mayne, thaoking his Majesty for the renal of Lord :Melbourne and his colleagues.

In the evening, the King returned to Windsor.