13 JUNE 1835, Page 7


The General Assembly has terminated a 'muss-, and upon the whole, an interesting session, by all act, the necessity and propriety of wh:ch is very open to appoiminent of a general fast, OIL 11CC011itt of the grievous assaults to which the (lurch of Scotland has been subjected, and is still exposed,fisa thr :Plet■ealt, Me I-at/Wary am Not disputing their power to make the appoint- ment, we may yet ask by what means they intend to compel its ob-

servance. Will they invoke the aid of the Civil Magistrate ? Has he ally aid to bestow upon them in such a cause ; or would he bestow it if he had? The Assembly may call for a fast, as Glendower called for

spirits from the deep, and with it similar result. Many- of the inha- bitants of Dumfiies and neighbourhood have declared, that so far front keeping the day in the spirit of appointment, they will not bestow on it even a formal recognition. We do not expect to see one shop shut, or one act of every-day occupation suspended. Truly it promises to be a day of humiliation for the friends of the Established Church, and a day of' laughter and rejoicing for her enemies.—DoViies Times. Mr. Alexander Oswald bas retired front the representation of the Ayr Burghs; in consequence, we presume. of the serious indisposition

under which he has laboured almost from the beginning of the session. Captain Dunlop, formerly Member for Kilmarnock, is u candidate to succeed him.

Arrangements are being entered into for securing the. avneral regis- tration of Parliamentary voters throughout the county at the ensuing term, and for this purpose a general meeting of delegates from the various Reform Committees in different parts of the county is to be held in Cupar on the 18th instant.—Fili. Herald. A fire broke out on Sunday night, in the machine-works of Mr. William Dunn, High John Street, Glasgow. The premises were almost entirely destroyed, and the amount of the damage is estimated at no less than AWOL