13 JUNE 1863, Page 22

Scripture Facts and Scientific Doubts. By George Palmer, Com- mander,

R.N. (Maclaren.)—The author of this small volume is one of those earnest men who, being deliberately of opinion that science ought to be interpreted by the aid of Scripture, not Scripture by the aid of science, think it their duty to inform the public of the fact that they are of this way of thinking. Like the majority of those who agree with him on this point, he has no hesitation whatever in branding as infidels those who are unfortunate enough to hold a different opinion. Ho does not even pretend to have anything new or original to say, but merely aims at reproducing the arguments which he has met with in the works of the best known writers on his side of the case. Whether these argu- ments gain anything by the process of filtration, to which they have been subjected, is a question which at least admits of a doubt.