13 JUNE 1863, Page 24


Young Life; its Chances and Changes, by the Author of "Hidden Links" (C. J- Skeet.).—The Lord's Prayer, Illustrated by a Series of Etchings, by Lorenz Friaicb (Trabner and Co.).—Adrian L'Estrange; or, "Moulded out of Faults" (Smith and Elder).—Adventures and Researches among the Andaman Islanders, by Dr. Houatt, F.B.G.S., tee. (Hurst and Blackett).—Memoir of Abbe Lacordeire, by Count de MontalembertkBeniley).—Denise, by the Author of " Mademoiselle Mori" (Bell and Daldy).—A Popular Treatise on Photography, by D. Van Monekhoven, translated by W. H. Thornthwaite (Virtue Brothers).—Recollections of Mrs. Anderson's School, by. Jane W. Hooper (Virtue Brothers).—The Chorale Book for England. Cungregational

Edition (Longman and Co.).—Beetotis Dictionary of Universal Biography 0. Beeton).— Outlines of Modern Farming, Vol. IL, by Robert Scott Burn (Virtue Brothers`..—Dmgon's Teeth, by Rev. James Pp roft, B. A. (L. Booth).—Suut h American Sketches, by T. W. Hinchliff M.A., F.R.G.S. (Lougman).—Lectures on Jiirispru- deuce, Vols. 11. and III., by the Late John Austin, Barrister-at Law (John Murray). —The Watering places of England, considered with reference to their Medical Topography and Remedial Sources, by Edwin Lee, M.D. IC hurchill).—The Princi- pal Baths of Germany, France, and Switzerland, by Edwiu Lee, M.D. (Churchill). —The Evangelic Theory (if. J. Tresidder).—Where shall we go ? A Guide to the Watering-places (A. and C. Black).—The New Testament for English Readers, with a Critical and Explanatory Commentary, Vol. I., by Henry Alford, D.D., Dean of Canterbury ( Itivingtons).—Forbidden Fruit, by" J. T." (Smith and Elden ).—C hest erford and some of its People, by the Author of " A Bad Beginuing" (Smith and Elder).— False Positions; or, Sketches of Character (Chapman and Ranh—Yesterday and To-day, by Cpl.'s Redding (Newby).—History of England during the Regn of George III., Vol. I., by J. G. Phillimore (Virtue Brothers(.—The Indoor Gardner, by Miss Haling (Longmans).—The Institutions of the English Government, by Hornersham Cox, M.A., Barrister-at-Law (H. Sweet(—Annotated Summary of Bacon's Adviance- ment of Learning, by Rev. J. Hunter, M.A. tLongmaus).—The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua, Pan III., by the Right Rev. J. W. Colenso, Bishop of Natal (Longmatts). —Church and Chapel, by the Author of " High Church" tHurst and Blackett)