13 JUNE 1908, Page 23

RIADABLIS Novets.—The Honour of "Z." By Graham Hope. (Smith, Elder,

and Co. Os.)—An excellent story in which English —to speak more exactly, Welsh—life and the complications of Russian politics are cleverly mingled.—Prisoners of Chance. By Randall Parrish. (G. 1'. Putnam's Sons. 634—This is a story IA adventure, of the "breathless" variety. The scene is laid in New Orleans in the second half of the eighteenth century, and what with Spaniards and Indians, the hero has his hands Her Faithful Knight. By W. Bourne Cooke. (Cassell and Co. 8s.)—A fairly good story of the war between Charles I. and his Parliament.--The Crooked Way. By William Le Quetta. (Methuen and Co. 6s.)—Any one with a taste for tragedy, perhaps we ought to say melodrama, should find here ample satisfaction.