13 JUNE 1908, Page 24

The Brazilian Year - Book. Compiled and Edited by J. P. Wile-

man. (McCorquodale and Co. 42s. net.)—This volume, published under the patronage of the Brazilian Government, appears for the first time. Perhaps there is a " rose " tint over the descriptions, &a., but the figures and facts are of undoubted interest. Here, for instance, is the mortality of Rio de Janeiro as compared with Madras, Cairo, and Alexandria : 201 (per 1,000) against 581,34.6, 30.1. Unfortunately, in Madras we have to deal with a population that fiercely resents any attempt to improve its condition. London shows well with its 1543, but is beaten by the Brazilian Curytiba with 14.9. But we could show better results than London. The population of Brazil grew from 10,112,061 in 1872 to 17,3'71,069 in 1900. The imports in 1886 were £19,115,000, in 1906 A33,204,041; the exports A19,418,000 and X53,059,480 ; the Federal revenue in 1904 A23,448,341, expenditure A24,432,986. But 1906 shows a surplus of .22,314.624.