13 JUNE 1908, Page 3

On Monday Mr. John Burns, accompanied by Mrs. Burns, visited

tie estate of the Ealing Tenants, Limited, one of the properties developed in accordance with the policy of the Copartnership Tenants' Housing Council. Mr. Burns, in opening the recreation ground, condemned sport of the gladiatorial order. The tendency in all modern movements was for great crowds to he brought together to see other people play. " The effect of this upon our people was that we now cried in companies, smiled in battalions, sported in divisions, holidayed in armies, and married in mobs." The spirit of the horde was being developed. The best antidote for this mania was a good home, and the best counter- attraction a good garden. In contrast with over-athleticised games, he named the good old-fashioned English pastimes, such as tennis, bowls, cricket, and quoits. That is sound sense, expressed with all Mr. Bures'e picturesqueness and dramatic force. It is most satisfactory to see the splendid. progress which is being made by the application of Co-operation to the housing problem. Here is a form of Socialism which we are delighted to see winning all along the line.