13 JUNE 1908, Page 3

The deviations of Mr. Richard Croker, the famous ex- Tammany

"boss," from the arena of politics are always picturesque and occasionally surprising. His latest idea is that of bringing over the Temple of Philae from Egypt and setting it up in Central Park, New York, but his successors at Tammany Hall have not displayed any great enthusiasm over the project. But "they were quickly attracted," accord- ing to the Times correspondent," by the magic word 'contract' for bringing over the temple and setting it up, and there were offers to transport the ruins and tastefully supervise their re- erection, and thus, as the World says, ' bear down to the remotest lapse of time, inseparably linked, the names of Ptolemy and Ahearn, Nectanebo and McClellan, the sacred cats of Isis and the Tammany Tiger.' " By far the most practical comment on the proposal, however, is that of one district worker who is reported to have said: " What's the use of moving a lot of old junk from the Nile to this village P " The notion that the Egyptian Government might possibly raise objections never seems to have entered the head of Mr. Croker.