13 MARCH 1841, Page 10



The fear of a war with the United States, of which the intelligence brought by every arrival from America this week seemed' to increaee the probability,. has produced a very unfavourable effect upon the prices of ,the Public Funds ; and the tendency to a decline has been augmented by the intelligence received from China on Wednesday, and from Pans this mornings.' The /*elongation of our negotiations with the Celestial Empire, end the refute] of the French Government to join in the final settlement of the quarrel between the Pasha of Egypt and the Sublime Porte, however, sink to nothing when compared with the important question of peace or war with America; the next arrivals from which are expected with intense anxiety. The royal mail steamer Cale- donia is expected to arrive at Liverpool tomorrow (the 14th); and her letters and papers will in that case be di-livered in London on Monday morning. She was to leave Halifax on the 3d, having been detained in ,order to bring advice& from New York of the 1st. It is scarcely possible that she can bring the reply of the Federal Government te the demand for the immediate liberation of Mr. M‘LEon, which it is understood Mr. Fox has been instructed to make by de- spatches sent out to him by the steamer which left England on the 10th Fe- bruuary and which might be expected to arrive in sixteen or eighteen days ; but as she will bring intelligence of ten days' later date than the last arrival, we shall learn whether the State of Maine has done any thing towards carry- ing into effect the resolution for expelling the British troops from the disputed territory, and something generally as to the temper of the Senate and House of Representatives at Washington. It is stated that Mr. Fox has been in- structed to demand his passports in case of the refusal of the immediate libera- tion of Mr. APLeon ; but it is probable that he would, in any event, delay the demand until after the inauguration of General HARRISON as President, which will take place on the 4th instant. The prevailing opinion appears to be that the matter will terminate amicably; but the best-informed are not withont emit tears that lathe heat of the altercation some untoward accident may pre- cipitate hostilities. The decline of the English Funds, from the highest price of last week, has been lk per cent.; Console for Money having been as low as 871, while the lowest quotation for Account has been 87*. New Three-and-a-half per Cents. have been as low as 96k : there have been no cash transactions in Reduced Three per Cents., Three-and-a-half per Cents., or Three-and-a-half per Cents. 1818; the books of these Stocks being closed for the Dividend. Bank and India Stock are also shut. Bank Stock has been done at 169 for Account ; but we cannot quote any transaction in India Stock. Exchequer Bills continue to improve slightly, in anticipation of a funding; and the premium is quoted to-day at 12s. India Bonds have been done as low as 20s. dis , and afterwards


Just previously to the close of business, it was reported that the French Chargé d'Affaires had this morning signed the Egyptian treaty ; and an im- provement of * per cent. occurred; Consols for Account closing at ssk 4.

We cannot quote any transactions in United States Bank Shares or in the American State Stocks. The debentures of the United States Bank, which become due next month with half a year's interest at 6 per cent., and conse- quently represent a nominal capital of 1031., are offered at ninety, but in vain.

The Exchanges still evince symptoms of improvement. During the week some large amounts of bullion have arrived from the Continent ; and we believe that from the additions thence made to the amount of bullion in the Bank, the affairs of that establishment have not for a long time been in so satisfactory a state as they are at present.

The European Continental Stocks have nearly supported our last quotations ; the business transacted in them has, however, been quite unimportant. The South American Securities are all heavy ; Columbian being fully one per cent. below our last quotations. Brazilian are also on the decline.. Buenos Ayres are quoted at 22 to 23; and generally, the decline of the English Funds has produced a decided change in the appearance of all the Non-dividend Stocks, as, instead of being in demand at current prices, they are now difficult of sale. The torpor that has so long pervaded the Portuguese Securities has been slightly disturbed ; and a decline of * per cent. has been the consequence. This result has been produced by a very limited quantity of business ; which, however, has been effective as operating upon a confined market. Spanish Ac- tive Stock has declined to nearly the same extent ; although the price has been kept up both in Madrid and Paris. Our market is, however, completely deluged with Stock ; and unless some favourable circumstances should induce real purchases, it cannot improve.


The report to which we yesterday alluded as producing an improvement in the Funds, appears to be without foundation : the rise of yesterday afternoon has, however, been supported ; Consols for Money have been at 88, while for Account the quotation has been as high as 881 ; the market has, however, since given way, and the price for Money is now 8741, and that for Account is 88k *. Exchequer Bills are the same, viz. 10s. to 12s. premium. India Bonds are again quoted at 20 discount. The improvement of Consols has given firmness to the Northern European Bonds. We, however, can only no- tice a transaction in Dutch Two-and-a-half per Cents. at 501, at which quota- tion they were at one time buyers. The arrival of the Jamaica mail has caused a little stir among the jobbers in Colombian Stock, which has improved about * per cent. ; but the nature of the intelligence brought by this arrival has not transpired. The other South American Stocks are more in demand, as are Mexican. Spanish and Portuguese Stocks are without any variation from the closing prices of yesterday. Svronnev. Foust o'Cizen. After fluctuating from buyers to sellers at 88* during the whole of the afternoon, Consols for Account close at 88k *, the morning's price. Bank Stock for Account has been done at 169, and India Stock for Account at 247. Exchequer Bills are the same, viz. 10s. 12s. premium ; and India Bonds have been done at 18s. dia. In the Foreign Market, prices are nearly the same as in the morning, with the exception of Colombian and Mexican, which are rather more in demand, the former being at 32i 4 and the latter at 27* f. A sale of 10,000/. Portuguese Three per Cents. has occurred at 30f ; but it Las not produced any effect upon the market. Of Spanish Active Stock 20,000/. has been sold at 23/ for the end of the month; but at the close of business the price was 231 k for the current Account, and 23k * for the 31st instant. Policies have to-day been opened at Lloyd's upon which a premium of 10 guineas hiss been paid to receive 100 if hostilities commence or war be declared with the United States on or before the 1st June next.

3 per Cent. Consols 871 / Belgian 5 per Cents. 991 1024 Ditto for Account 881 Columbian 6 per Cents 22 ver Cent. Reduced shut Danish 3 per Gents

771 61

31 per Ceut. Ditto ...... shut Dutch 21 per Cents 501 New 31 per Ceuts 961 a Mexican 5 per Cents. Cutisrl. 274 Bank Stock shut Portuguese Regency bjer Cis. 31/ Exchequer Bills lulls Stock for Account 10 12 pm.

shut Ditto 3 per Ceats Russian 5 per Costs

1 1108 9 1i 1111 Braciliau Spec Cents

71 2 Spanish (Active) . 231 a