13 MARCH 1841, Page 20


WAR-OFFICE, March 12.-5th Foot-G. Ledingham, M.D. to be Assist.-Snrgeou. vice I4PBean, appointed to the Staff. 20th Foot-Lieut. F. C. Evelegh to be Captain, by purchase, vice Campbell, who retires; Ensign II. Ohio de Crespigny to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Evelegh ; W. P. Radcliffe. Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice de Crespigny. 825 Feat-Brevet Lieut.-Col. W. P. Yale, from the halt pay unat- tached, to be Major, vice J. Birtwhistle, who exchanges; Captain J. T. Hill to be Major, by purchase, vice Yale, who retires; Lieut. J. Dillon to be Captain by pur- chase, vice Hill Ensigu E. W. D. Lowe to be Lieut, he purchase, vice Dillon; F. Yard, Gent. to 1,e Ensign, by purchase, vice Lowe. 335 Voot -Captain A. L. Macleod, from halt pay unattached. to be Captain, vice A. Robertson, who exchanges; Lieut. H. K. Erskine to be Captain, by purchase, vice Maeled, who retires; Ensign J. B. Neil to be Lieut, by purchase. vice Erskitie•, F. J. W. Knollys, Geut, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Nell. 36th Foot-H. A. Cubitt, Gent, to be Ensign, without pur- chase, vice Jennings, promoted in the 9Ist Foot. 424 Foot -Assist-Surgeou J. M•Gregor, from the Staff, to be Assist-Surgeon. vice Dr. M•Gregor, promoted. 50th Foot-Lieut. It. Staptetou to be Captain, by purchase. vice Montgomery, who retires; Ensign C. Green to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Stapleton ; R. It. Betters. Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase. vice Green. 60th Foot -Second Lieut. H. Holbech to be First Lieut. without purchase, vice Ellis, dec .; G. W. Blight, Gent. to be Second Limit. vice Holbech, 73e1 Foot-W. C. Blase. Gent, to be Ensign' by purchase, vice Nugent. who retires; 91st Foot-Ensign E. W. Jennings, from the 36th Foot, to .be Lieut. without purchase, vice Barnes, promoted. 94th Foot-Lieut. G. Dorehill, from the 97th Foet.to be Lieut. lice Bruce, who exchanges. 97th Foot-Lieut. R. Bruce, from the 99th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Dorehill, who exchanges. 98th Foot-Lieut C. J. Bmndliug, from bait' pay of the 3d Foot. to be Lieut. (repaying the difference), vice Harrison, promoted; Ensign J. Moutresor to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Brandliug, who retires; H. Dallas, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase. vice Montresor, Hospital Staff -A.sist,Surg. J. A. D. M• Bean. from the 5111 Foot, to be Aasist.i Surg. to the Forces, vice M•Gregor, appointed to the 425 Foot. Memorandum-The date of the commission of Ensign G. C. Urmaton, 3d West India Regiment, is the 6th, and not the 5th March 1841.