13 MARCH 1841, Page 21


Tuesday, March 9.


Austin and Masterman, Wine Office Court, atturnies-1PCulloch and Co. Liverpool, wine-dealers-Alsop and Bent. Manchester, tea.dealers-Mair and Co. Watling Street, warehousemen; as far as regards W. Mair-Spawfurth and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, woolstaplers-Young and Co. Neweastle.upon.Tyne. millwrights; as far as regards A. Skipsey-T. F. and C. Penn, Bishopsgate Street Without-Walker and Gorst. Liver. pool, victuallers -T. G. and R. Hull, Chelmsford, tailors-Williams and Prescott, Liverpool, tea-dealers-Terry and Co. Coleman Street. Shad well , soap-makers-James Junior, and Hall, Kingston, Herefordshire, maltsters -Norman sod Mackerell, Wynyatt Street. Clerkenwell, sewellers-Shorthouse and Tears. Asputh Lancashire, lamp-black. manufacturers-Bond and Procter. Liverpool. wiue-merchauts - A. and T. J. Laven- der. Bermondsey Street. grocers-Young and Vines, Reading, surgeous -Southey nod Uhrdahl, Bury Street, Westminster. tailors-J and W. W. Price, Crown Street, Fins- bury, cabinetmakers-J. and J. Horton. City Road, iron-merchants-S. and S. Lee, Birmingham, opticians-Freeman and Phillips, Bettisfield. Flint-hire, lime burners- Bolton and Co. Liverpool, merchants; as far as regards It. L. Bolton.


BAKER, JOHN, Sidmouth. brewer. March 8.

Loco. JAMES, Bulley, Gloucestershire, butcher, March 8. TURKEY, NATHANIEL, Milbank Street, baker, March 9.


ANNAN, WILLIAM. Watling Street. printer, March 16, April 20: solicitor. Mr. Russell, Wellington Street, London Bridge; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard. BALDV7IN, CHARLES, Blockley Worcestershire. wool.dealer. March 23. April 20: so- licitors, Messrs. Rickards and Walker. Lincoln's lint Fields; and Collins, Warwick. BEDDOW. JOSIAH, and BERRYMAN. FREDERICK, MIMI/Side, warehousemen, March 23, April 20: solicitors. Messrs. Lichfield and Owen, Chancery Lane; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.

Boon.. THOMAS, Great Driffield, Yorkshire, shoemaker, March 23, April 20: soli- citors, Mr. Shaw, Ely Place ; and Mr. Thorney, Hull. CAVE, THOMAS Ssurnsmts, Weimer, Kent, merchant, March 20, April 20: solicitors, Messrs. Amory and Co. Throgmorton Street ; and Mr. Kennett. Dover. CHAMBERLAIN, THOMAS, Bourn. Lincolnshire, innkeeper, March 18. April 20. soli- citors, Messrs. Allen and Co. Carlisle Street. Soho Square; and Mr. Wilders. Bourn. COBDINGLEY, JAMES, Wakefield, Yorkshire, iron-founder. March 26. April 20: solici- tors, Messrs. Bettye and Co. Chancery Lane; and Mr. Stewart, Horbury.

DAVIES, WILLIAM EDWARD, Wightwiek, Staffordshire. coal-master, March 30, April 20: solicitors, Mr. Johnson. Gray's Inn ; and Messrs. Robinson and Fletcher, Dudley. GANDELL, JOHN HASKINS, Farriugdou, brewer, March, 24, 31 : solicitors, Messrs. Bailey and Co. Berners Street. HUTCHINS, WILLIAM HENRY, Whitechapel Road, linendraper, March 29. April 20: solicitor, Mr. Lloyd, Cheapside; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Basingball Street, Ksiowssuesr. Wiu.Lso. Great Guildford Street, engineer, March 20, April 20: soli- citor, Mr. Nethersole, New Inn Buildings; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Birchin Lane. LARDNER. JAMES, Deptford, corn-dealer, March 19, April 20: solicitors. Mean-a. Hilleary, Leadenhall Street; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street. MEOSON, Jonx, Ossett. Yorkshire, clothier, March 26, April 20: solicitors, Messrs. Makinson and Sanders. Middle Temple; and Mr. Foden. Leeds. MuROAN. DAVID, Merthyr Tvtivil. chemist. March 30, April 20: solicitors, Messrs. Blackmore and Senior, Temple; and Mr. Leonard. Bristol.

Romox. HENRY, Bourn, Lincolnshire. wheelwright. March 18, April 20: solicitors, Messrs. Allen and Co. Carlisle Street, Soho ; and Mr. Wilders, Bourn.

SELD0N. FREDERICK, and MANN, JAMES, Water Lane, svine-merchants, March 19, April 20 : solicitor, Mr. Pollock, Sambrook Conrt, Basinghall Street ; official assignee, Mr. Lackingtoo, Coleman Street Buildings. Tien, WILLIAM TINKEll..Liverpool, grocer, March 19, April 20: solicitors, Mr. Corn- thwaite, Doctors' Commons; and Mr. Cornthwaite, Liverpool. TODHUNTER, BENJAMIN, Mincing Lane. drysalter. March 18, April 20: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row; official assignee, Mr. Abbott, King's Arms Yard. DIVIDENDS.

April 1, Partridge, Carlisle Place, Lambeth, victualler-March 30. Parbery, Wells Street. Westminster. builder-March 31. Duff junior, Fort Street. Spitalfields, silk. manufaciurer-March 31, Ivesen, Beverley, dealer -March 31, Shepherd, Beverley, dealer-April 2, West, Tibenham, Norfolk. draper-March31, Smith, Wituey, butcher -March 30. Aldrich, Ipswich, corn-merchant-April 2. Bell. Greeusfiel d, ship- owner - April 5, Browne. Manchester. stone-merchant-April 2, Sinclair, Monkseatou-March 30, Dobson, York, woollendraper-April 24. Brown. East Stour, miller-April 12, Parton, Birmingham, draper-March 31, Liggius, Hinckley, hosier-April :26. Mercer, Manchester, plumber-April 5, Coley, Gloucester, scrivener-April 5, Bonner, Glou- cester, scrivener.


Tube granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or berore March 30. Buggeln Liverpool, sugar-refiner-Whitworth, Birmingham. plumber-Brown, Bir- mingham, grocer-Oxborrow, Ihrightou Place, Hackney Road, linendraper -Buckle. Leeds. therchaut-Gowar. Church Row, Aldgate, coach-builder-14MM, Whitehurch. Oxfordshire, builder-Woodman, Bristol, hatter-Bailey. Bilminghans, victualler.


CRICHTON. HIJOH, Irvine, merchant, March 15, April 5.

FRASER, PETER SCOTT, and CRAWFORD, THOMAS, Edinburgh, booksellers, March 12,

April 2.

.MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER. Inverness. merchant, March 15. April 5.

SMITH, JAMES JACKSON, Edinburgh, solicitor, March 15, April 5.

Friday, March 12.


Gordon and Townsend. Manchester, engravers-A. and It. FL Beedle, Crown Street, Finsbury, drapers-G. suit N. Cloths. Mark Lane, wine merchants-Pedder and Outh- waite, Prestuu, attornies- Leach. Tweedale, and Co. Wood Street, flanuel.roauufactu- rers -Bright and Hayward. Strand, linenthapers-North and Baker, Silver Street. Gol- den Square, coalmerchants-R. and S. Woodroffe, New Mahon, Yorkshire, ironmon- gers-Walker and Horsley. Staple Inn, attornies-Mead and Slower, Langport Ease. over. Somersetshire, winemerchants-White and Cu. bakers-Halyburton mid Ayling, Mercer Street, Long Acre, coach-joiners-Fuller and Les-et, Brownlow Street, Bedford Row, dressingsease.manufacturers-Sydenham. New Sarum. shoe.makers-Brom field and Son, Blackfriars Road brush-manufacturers-Aitken and Co. Sheffield, merchants '-Wicking and Co. Ludgate Hill, drapers-E. and J. Kershaw, Rochdale, woollen- carders-How and Cleaver, Shorter's Court, Throgmorton Street, stockbrokers -Min- eell and Co. Portsea. brewers-Taylor and Co. Featherstone, Yorkshire, errthenware- manufacturers-Dickson and Cu. Aberdeen, provision-curers.


HOWELT., THOMAS, Brighton, builder. March 11. Losas, JAM ES. Bailey, Gloucestershire, botcher, March 12. WEBBER, ROBERT, and BLAND, THOMAS, Bedford Row, attoruies, March 12.


ABRAM, RICHARD, Liverpool. wine-merchant.

Mist.s, JOHN MANSHIP, Berkhampstead. brewer.


DAOLTSH, WILLIAM, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, joiner, to surrender April 1, 23: soli- citors, Messrs. Shield and Harwood, Queen Street, Cheapside ; and Mr. Watson, New- castle-upon Tyne. FISHER, JuSEPII, Birmingham, coal-dealer, March 31. April 23: solicitors, Mr. Chaplin, Gray's Inn; and Messrs. Ingleby and Wragge, Birmingham. JEFFERD. HENRY, Lyme Regis. builder, April 1. 23: solicitors, Messrs. Clowes and Wedlake. Temple; and Mr. Templar, Lyme Regis. ROLA er, WILLIAM. Epping, draper. March 27, April 23: solicitors, Messrs. Sole, Aldermanbury; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Frederick's Place, Old Jewry. PHILPuT, Junx, and Co. Crigglestone, Yorkshire, coal merchants. March 19, April 23: solicitors, Messrs.Adlington and Cu. Bedford Row; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Frederick's Place. Old Jewry.

Proo, Joust, Norwich, carpenter, March 26, April 23: solicitors, Messrs. White and Barrett, Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Remus ANTHONY, Greenwich, builder, March 29, April 23: solicitor, Mr. Driver, -Gray's Inn; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Basingliall Street. STONE, Msams, Lane End. Staffordshire, draper, March 26. April 23: solicitors. Messrs. Abbot and Arney, Charlotte Street, Bedford Square ; Messrs. Bennett, Matt- chester ; and Mr. Jones, Newcastle-under-Lyme.


April 2, Redford, London Road, printer-April 2, Swausborough, Grimsby, ware- houseman-March 27, Hearn junior, Salisbury, bookseller-April 3. Moorey, Peck- ham, ironmonger-April 5, Hancock, Bath, brush-manufacturer-April 8, Smith, Southport. Lancashire. baardingthousekeeper-April 3. Hartshorne and Neale, Kings- winter!, Staffordshire. irommanuflicturers-April 13. C. and C. Pitt. Canterbury, druggists-April 12, Austen, Ramsgate, banker-April 9, Reed, Sunderland, ship-

builder. CERTIFICATES, To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before April 2. Simmonds. Bear Yard. Lincoln's Inn Fields. carpenter-Barnes, Sheffield. cutler-: Holt, Manchester. banker-Waddell. Birmingham, druggist-Clark. Upper Thames Street, leadmerehaut -Joseph. Soho Square, artist culourman-Treherne, Oxford Street, upholsterer-Hall, Walsall, currier-Pickard, Chesterfield, builder.


BROWNLIE, WILLIAM. Glasgow, taverntheeper. March 13, April 2. MITCHELL, JOHN, Edinburgh, wholesale-wine-merchant. March 16. April 6. MORRISON, ARCHIBALD, and Co. Glasgow, linen thread manufacturers. March 16. April 6. Srrox, ALEXANDER Bacilli... and Co. Glasgow, merchants. March 16. April 6. Sorrit, WILT.TA14, Leith Walk, near Edinburgh. grocer, March 8, April 7. SMITH and Co. Graugemouth, merchants. March 17. April 19.