13 MARCH 1841, Page 8


A large meeting of Chartists was held in the Bazaar at Glasgow, on to oppose both Lord Stanley's and Lord Morpeth's Irish Re- gistration Bills, and to petition the Queen to dismiss Ministers. The- place, which is very spacious, was filled by some thousands. A great number of Irish assembled to oppose the Chartists, and a scene of much confusion took place. The proceedings passed in dumb show ; but the Chartists appear to have had the preponderancy. Some of the rioters were taken to the Police Court on Friday, and fined.

The Reverend Dr. Gordon is to be proposed as Moderator of the ensuing General Assembly. Parties who differ in many other points will agree that the choice of the church could not have fallen on an in- dividual more admirably qualified,, regarded with reference to either- intellectual or moral character.—Edinburgh Witness.

Sir James Macgregor has been elected Lord Rector of Marischat College, Aberdeen, by a majority of 56 over Mr. Fox Maule, his competitor.

On Thursday, the Judges of the First Division of the Court of Session proceeded to deliver their opinion on a summons of declarator at the instance of the Reverend Thomas Clark, presented to the united parishes- of Lethendy and Kinloch, against the Presbytery of Dunkeld. The- patronage is vested in the Crown ; which had, by sign-manual, ap- pointed Mr. Clark assistant and successor to the Reverend Mr. Butter,. in June 1835; but on his rejection under the Veto Act, after the death of Mr. Butter in January 1837, a new presentation was issued in favour of the Reverend Andrew Kessen. Two interdicts were directed against the Presbytery, prohibiting them from giving effect to the second pre- sentation ; but the Presbytery having nevertheless inducted Mr. Kessen, were censured at the bar of the Court for disregarding the interdicts. The Court now gave judgment in favour of Mr. Clark, to the effect that the presentation was valid, and that the Presbytery were bound to take him on trials.

In the Court of Session, on Friday, the important case of damages at the instance of the Earl of Kinnoull and Mr. Young against the Pres- bytery of Auchterarder, was finally decided by the Judges in favour of the pursuers. All the defences and pleas in law set up for the Presby- tery being thus disposed of, and the whole law of the case fixed, the

use will now go to a jury to assess the amount of damages ; the Judges being all clearly of opinion that damages are due to the pur- suers for the injuries received by the obstinate refusal of the defenders to take Mr. Young on trials, and, if found qualified, to induct him.

On the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, on Monday week, a mine was sprung unexpectedly ; and before the labourers could get out of the way, seven men were seriously injured.

On the previous Friday, a labourer on the railway, named Martin, -was so dreadfully crushed by the unexpected shooting of a great quantity of earth, that he did not survive half an hour after being dug -out of the fallen mass.