13 MARCH 1847, Page 10

Last night's Gazette contains proclamations for a general fast, to

be observed on the 24th instant in England and Scotland.

It also announces the following appointments—

Viscount Torrington to be Governor and Commander-in-chief of Ceylon. Mr. James Robert Mackintosh to be Lieutenant-Governor of St Christopher. Mr. Charles Sharman Crawford and Mr. Denis Phelan to be Assistant Poor- law Commissioners for Ireland. .[Mr. Phelan is the gentleman who was ea harshly dismissed by the Commissioners.] The Freeman's Journal publishes a letter from Mr. Morgan O'Connell, giving, on the authority of one from Dr. Miley, a very cheering account of Mr. O'Con- nell's health. The Doctor says, "As he paced our delightful drawingroom, look- ing on the sparkling waters of the sea, you would hardly believe him the same man."

Galignanis Messenger reports that Mademoiselle Mars is in such a state of health that her recovery is hopeless.

We hear that difficulties have arisen at Rome respecting the reordination of the Reverend J. H. Newman, and that they are of such a nature as are not likely to be overcome.—Church and State Gazette.