13 MARCH 1847, Page 11


AaatvED—At Gravesend, 10th March, Quintets; of Eglinten, Grange, from Chins. AtPortsmouth, 10th, Hoop, Prouk, from Batavia. At Falmouth, 6th, Nora WDonald, Proud, from Calcutta. At Scilly, 4th, Blanch, Wells, from Calcutta. At Liverpool, 9th, Albert Edward, Downward, from China ; 10th, Tynwald,• Banner, from Heart- tins; 11th, Loch Lomon I, Rankin ; and Ann Bridson, —, from Calcutta; and Alice, Ayshford, from Mauritius. In the Clyde, 7th, Chusan, Laird, from China ; and Glen- cairn, Nicol, from Mauritius. At Cork, 9th, Sea Gull, Langley, front Batavia. At Calcutta, -, Georgians, Williams, from Liverpool. At Penang, 6th Dec. Countess of Durham. 3PLaren, from the Clyde. SAILED-From Gravesend, 5th March,Trafslgar, Richardson, forAdelakle; 7th, Hugh Walker, Cameron, for Chins; and Nemesis, Brown, for Calcutta ; and 9th, entotaiie- net, Bird, for Madras and Calcutta.


ARRIVED-In the Downs, 12th March, Rosebud, Whin, from Mauritius. Off Telgn- mouth, 12th, Poictiers, Denny, from Calcutta. Off Falmouth, 11th, Ganges, WDonald, from Sydney. Off Penzance, 10th, John King, Martin, from Mauritius. Off Liver- pool, 12th, Benares, Brown ; Hindoo, Darts; Harvest Home, Heron ; and Hesperus. Kelly, from Bengal. In the Clyde, 10th, North Star, Tessier, from Mauritius. At Cork, 11th, Syren, Turpen, from Mauritius.