13 MARCH 1847, Page 10

Mr. Kay Shuttleworth, Secretary to the Educational Committee of the

Privy Council, has published a letter intended to correct a mistake on the part of Dis- senters who oppose the Government scheme of education. The Reverend Robert Eckett had addressed a letter on behalf of the Wesleyan Committee of Privileges to ministers of its own sect, advising them to promote opposition to the scheme. In this letter, Mr. Eckett says—" It is intended that the instructors of masses of the rising generation should become Government stipendiaries and expectants of Government pensions, to obtain which purposes they will have to secure the ap- probation of an Inspector appointed by Government; but who must also be sanc- tioned by one of the Archbishops, and who is to remain in office only so long as such sanction is continued." Mr. Shuttleworth replies to Mr. Eckett, and shows that he is under a mistake. There will be six Inspectors appointed with the sanction of the Archbishop, to inspect schools of the Church of England; but there will be six other Inspectors in whose appointment the Archbishop will take no share; and they will have the charge of inspecting the schools of Dissenters. No

schools will be allotted to an Inspector who does not possess the confidence of the Central Board representing the religions body to which such schools belong; and that central body will be consulted when the Inspector is appointed. The principle on which the Inspectors are appointed, therefore, will offer no obstacle should "the managers of such schools desire the aid of Government to enable them to apprentice pupil teachers, to procure for these assistants exhibitions to normal schools at the close of their apprenticeship, or an augmentation of the salaries of their masters."