13 MARCH 1847, Page 11

Papers have been received, today, from Hobart Town to the

12th September. There had been a meeting on the subject of transportation. Lord Stanley's despatches throwing a doubt on the unardoiity of the colonists in desiring the discontinuance of transportation, excited a warm feeling among the speakers; and Sir Eardley Wilmot, in consequence of his representations to Lord Stanley, had been declared to be no longer a patron of the Van Diemen's Land Midland Agricultural Society.

Advices have also arrived from the Cape of Good Hope to the 10th January. The accounts from the frontier were rather more favourable, the isolated inroads of the struggling Kafue having been nearly discontinued. The troops were moving over the Kie River in three divisions into Creli's country in search of Pate, who still continued to hold out.