13 MARCH 1852, Page 2

The Emperor of Austria has paid another flying visit to

his Italian dominions. His reception has probably been less dis- agreeable than on the previous occasion; for he completed his tour, instead of stopping half-way and returning. The main object of the excursion would seem to have been to impress the Italians with a belief in the firm and harmonious alliance of Austria and Russia, by holding military reviews in the presence of the Grand Prince Constantine, at which •the Emperor and Radetzky appeared in Russian uniforms.

The Professorship of Philosophy has been abolished in the Uni- versity of Prague, and its duties annexed to the Theological chair. This blow is aimed at philosophy in the abstract, not at the late professor, who continues to receive his salary, and whose person and feelings have been treated with respect and deference. It is curious that this step-should have been taken in Austria at the the very time when M. 3,6ntwarte is understood to be contem- plating the suppression 4,Thaosophyas a branch of public in- struction in France.

The satisfaction expressed by the Austrian newspapers at the accession of the Derby Ministry, on account of the diplomatic re- lations of Great Britain and Austria? is " craftily qualified." The Lloyd, a Ministerial organ, remonstrates with the new English Ca- binet, and predicts its downfall, on the ground of its attachment to Protection. Even the assumed illiberal tendencies of the present Cabinet in relation to Continental polities cannot conciliate for it the good-will of Austria so long as its commercial policy threatens to affect Austrian trade injuriously. Legitimate governments and autocrats are as liable to be influenced by pecuniary considerations as "the Manchester school."

Some speculations, intended to reconcile our English agrioul- turista to the loss of Protection, have been circulated in thin coun- try, based on the diminished import of corn from German ports in 1851. The main cause of this diminution appears to be a rise in the price of grain in Germany, owing to decreased production; the effect in part of an unfavourable season, but in part also the result of political troubles. The case is exceptional, and not a re- liable ground for general conclusions. Reports circulated respect- ing the interruption of commercial operations in the Black Sea and at Constantinople, on account of the uncertainty that prevails as to the course that may be taken by the Derby Ministry with reference to the corn question, have probably some foundation in fact, though they may be exaggerated.

The Prussian Gazette, a Ministerial organ, declares, in a semi- ,official article, that the Government merely contemplates the re- construction of the Zollverein, with the addition of Hanover, Oldenburg, Bchaunburg, Lippe, and, if possible; Bremen ; and is opposed to the reception of Austria into the Union. The Saxon Winstry has declared its.intention to accredit an envoy to the Con- gress which has been announoedfor the purpose of reorganizing the Zollverein, but professes a determination not to commit itself to any participation in the new union until Prussia have offered de fin ite prepositions.