13 MARCH 1852, Page 20


Tuesday, Nardi 9.

PARTNERSHIPS Dissottrzo.—Fraser and Osborne, Union Street, Borough, brandy- rectifiers—Bennett and Elliott, Trump Street, warehousemen—T. and .1. Denham, Huddersfield, linen-drapers — D. and G. Holy, Sheffield, merchants—Wright and Co. Osborn Place, Brick Lane, waste-merchants—Webster and Ryley, Uxbridge.

tea-dealers-Nock and Holloway. Bowley Regis, Staffordshire, nail-manufacturers

- Care and Kolbe, Grantham, Lincolnshire, proprietresses of a ladies' school- ciegg and Rea, Manchester, commission-agents -Worsley and Barnes, Edgworth, Lancashire, cotton-spinners-Hall and Stockdale, Croston Clough. Lancashire, bobbin-turners ; as far as regards G. Stockdale-J. and J. Gibb, Manchester, ware- housemen-Grut and Co. Hull, merchants-Ionides and Co. London; boulder and Co. Galata and Ibraila ; and Sgonta and Co. Constantinople ; as far as regards E. H. gookine-S. B. and F. M. Peake, Tottenham, drapers-Baylis and Drewe, Red cross Street, attornies-Faller and Wager, Sneinton, Nottinghamshire, cab-proprie- mrs-Horsfield and Co. Manchester, manufacturers; as far as regards J. M•Kinnell -Mason and Co. Liverpool, tea-dealers-Hall and Co. Liverpool. merchruits-Pid- duck and Co. Manchester, commission-agents-Harrison and Co. Longshaw Delf - H. and S. Choat, Thaxted, Essex, carriers-Catlow and Brothers, Manchester, provision-merchants-Dobson and Co. Leeds, woollen-drapers; as far as regards J. tateson ; and Dobson and Co. Sheffield, woollen-drapers-Langdale and Spencer, Holland Street, Blackfriars Bridge, mustard-manufacturers-Smith and Co. Dundee, watch-makers-Brown and Co. Hobart Town, VanDiemen's Land; as far as regards

C. M'Lachlan-The Shaws Water Cotton Spinning Company, Greenock.


BANKRUPTCY ANNDLLED.—BENJAMIN Bowen jun. Bradford, Yorkshire, cattle- salesman. BANKRUPTS.—Josepa LOADER, Pavement, Finsbury, upholsterer. to surrender March 19, April n : solicitor, Taylor, South Street, Finsbury; official assignee, rennet, Guildhall Chambers-Amos DEAN, Brighton, clothier, March 15, April 17 : solicitors, Sowton. Great James Street ; Kennett, Brighton; official assignee, Ni- cholson. Basinghall Street-Mimmonsio CLARK, Pudding Lane, commission-agent, March 22, April 26: solicitor, Cooper, Gray's Inn Square ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court—AVOVSTUS ALEXANDER LACHERSTEEN, Broad Street Buildings, merchant, March 19, April 23 : solicitors, Lawrence, Old Jewry Chambers; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury-WiLtuas HENRY BRIDGE jun. Warnborough, Hampshire, butcher, March 19, April 23 : solicitor, Richardson, Moorgate Street ; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-CLEmEmr COURTNEY, Exmouth, vic- tualler, March 18, April 15 : solicitor, Laidman, Exeter; official assignee, Hems- man, Exeter--JoHN Orwrow, Wakefield, linen-draper, March 25, April 23: solicitors, Parker, St. Paul's Churchyard ; Bond and Barwick, Leeds; official assignee, Young, Leeds-STAVEOS J. NEGROPONTE, Manchester, merchant, March 22, April 21: scam- tors, Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee. Pott, Manchester-WriLiAm FROST, Macclesfield, silk-throwster. March 19. April 27: solicitors, Fox and Son, Finsbury Circus; Worthington and Earle, Manchester ; official assignee, Lee, Manchester- Ozanne TOWNSON, of Church, in Whalley, plumber, March 19, April 22: solicitors, Alcock, Skipton; Hir„son and Robinson, Manchester; official assignee, Mackenzie, Manchester.

DIVIDENDS.—March 30, Gansden, Hove, victualler-March 30, Clark, Unwell, Cambridgeshire, miller-March 30, Griffiths, Lime Street, wine-merchant-March

30, Robinson. West Lynn, grocer-March 18, Hayhow, Ratcliffe Highway, boot- maker-March 30, Robson, South Shields, boat-builder.

CERTIPICATES.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-March 30, Knight son. and Knight jun. Walham Green, butchers-March

31, Lett, Ansley Guise, Bedfordshire, builder-March 31, Abraham's, Liverpool, tailor-April I, Gillan, Liverpool, merchant-April 1, Entwisle, Manchester, cotton- manufacturer-April 1, Shaw, Leeds, millwright-April 1, Longley and Co. Almond- bury, woollen-manufacturers- March 31, Tinsley, Rowley Regis, cooper.

DzoirmsTroms OF DIVIDENDS.—Baxter, Sheffield, merchant ; first, second, and third div. together of 8s. 5d. and third div, of ls. 5d. any Monday or Tuesday; Hope, Leeds-Lodge, Kettlewell, miner; first and second div. together of 3s. 5.1d. and second div. of 54d. any Monday or Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds-Dove. Leeds, cur- rier; filet and final div. of 5s. on the separate estate, any Monday or Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds-M'Conchie, Nottingham, draper; first div. of Is. 3d. March 12,19, 36, April 2, and two subsequent Fridays ; Bittleston, Nottingham. SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.-11111, Edinburgh, commission-agent, March 17, Alpe 13-Cadenhead and Co. Newbridge. Aberdeenshire, brewers, March 15, April 5- Matheson, Kippen, cattle-dealer, March 15, April 12-Bogle. Glasgow, merchant, March 15, April 12-Hay, late of Glasgow, now in Australia or elsewhere, March 15, Apri116.

_Friday, March 12. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—Marshall and Drewett, Devonshire Mews West, Port- land Place, cab-proprietors-W. and R. Haworth, Oswaldtwisle, Lancashire, manu- facturers of washing crystals-Isherwood and Whitworth, Ashton-under-Lyne, smallware-dealers-Wilson and Dawson, Hartlepool, milliners-Tew and Co. Ponte- fract, bankers ; as far as regards W. H. Leatham-Dunant and Frommel, Liverpool, merchants-Jenkinson and Manley, Manchester, woollen-drapers-Haywood and Co. Rood Lane, merchants-Gatliff and De Carteret, Coleman Street, attendee- Jarvis and Thompson, Union Place, Lambeth, contractors-J. and E. Carter, Ba- singhall Street, warehousemen-Robinsons and Russel, Millivolt, Poplar, engineers

- G. and L. Guanziroli, Hatton Garden, looking-glass-makers-Main and Nicol, Liverpool, coach-makers-Brown and Son, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, cutlers-Welby and Wood, Nottingham, attornies-Fox and Barrett, Leicester Square, architects- Hudson and Burgess, Woolwich, builders-Rowlands and Son, Regent Street, gold- emiths-Broster and March, Paternoster Row, pocket-book-manufacturers- W heeler and Co. Paternoster Row, stationers-Johnson and Co. Broughton Hall iron-works, Denbighshire, iron-manufacturers ; as far as regards W. Baker-Riley and Co. Hap- ton, Lancashire, chemists-Hesketh and Huxley, Chester, wine-merchants-Black and Co. Glasgow, merchants.

BANKRUPTIL—DANIEL KEITH and THOMAS SHOOBRIDGE, Wood Street, warehouse- ment, to surrender March 24, April 23: solicitors, Reed and Co. Friday Street; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-STEPHEN LUDLOW, Oxford, builder. March 19, April 22: solicitors, Holme and Co. New Inn; Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-Isaac Monms, Derby, innkeeper, March 26, Aprill6 : solicitor, Smith, Derby; official assignee, Bittleston, Nottingham-WILLIAM NoBLET, Blackpool, Lancashire, post-horse-keeper, March 23, April 14: solicitors, Winstanley and Charnley, Preston; Evans and Son, Liverpool; official assignee, Cazenove, Liver- pool-Wrimms FaosT, Macclesfield, sills-throwster, March 19, April 22 : solicitors, Fox and Son, Finsbury Circus ; Worthington and Earle, Manchester; official as- signee, Lee, Manchester-JOHN STARK, West Rainton, Durham, grocer, March 19, April 29: solicitors, Shield and Harwood, Lombard Street; Armstrong, Newcastle ; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Joms RYMER, Gateshead, paper- manufacturer, March 19, April 29: solicitor. Berle, Southampton Buildings, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; official assignee, Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

DivinENns.-April 2, Powell, hingston, draper-April 2, Laslett, Ash, Kent, dealer in bay-April 2, Ingram, Southampton, seedsman -April 2, Astle and Co. Coleman Street, bookbinders-April 2, Churton, Holies Street, bookseller-April 5, Duckett and Co. Pall Mall. bankers-April 8, Willis, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, wool- broker-April 5, Marsh, Colchester, draper-April 5, Marsh and Co. Berners Street, bankers-April 3, Taylor and Wyld, Lock's Fields, flock-manufacturers-April 2, Hopkinson. Liverpool, coach-builder-April 2, Brotherton, Liverpool, merchant- April 6, Woodhouse, Ripon, draper-April 2, Dixon, Batley, dyer-April 2, Cole, Calverley, engineer-April 3, Napier jun. Sheffield, oil-merchant.

CiurrineaTEs.-2b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-April 2, Phillips, Crowland, Lincolnshire, brewer-April 2, J. and E. Leach, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, builders-April 6, Cole, Hampton Court, victualler- April 2. Flint, Lombard Street, hosier-April 2, Beart,Upwell, Norfolk, brick-maker, -April 2, Boxall, Brighton, coach-maker-April 3, Collier, Landport, Southampton, draper-April 2, Hewlett, Layton, Essex, cow-keeper-April 2, Johnston, Little Abingdon Street, coal-merchant-April 7, Fowler, Bristol, draper-April 6, Waring, Liverpool, innkeeper-April 5, Pryde and Co. Liverpool, sail-makers-April 14, Ba- con, Walton, Somersetshire, tailor-April 14, Copland, Barnstaple, tea-dealer-April 3, Tandy, Stourbridge, ironmonger-April 2, D. and J. Shaw, Almondbury, manu- facturers-April 3, O'Donnell, Sheffield, grocer-April 15, Harris, Causbome, grocer. DxcLABATIoNs OP DIVIDENDIL—Michael, Bury Street, St. Mary Axe, merchant; first div. of 2s. id. March 16, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Cham- bers-Stopford, Austinfriars, merchant ; third div. of 5d. March 16, or any subse- quent Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Ford and Reeves, Leadenhall Street, ship-agents ; first div. of ls. 3d. March 16, or any subsequent Tueeday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Capron, Lawrence Lane. merchant ; second div. of 41d. March 36, or any subsequent Tuesday' Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-E. and H. Mar- tyn, Aldgate High Street, woollen-drapers; first div. of ls. March 16, or any subsequent 'Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Jopp, Cornhill, ship- broker- final div. of 34d. 'March 16, or any subsequent Tuesday; Pennell, Guild- hall Chambers-Ritherdon, idillwall, Poplar, shipbuilder; first div. of 38. March 13, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Fryman, Rye, wine- merchant ; second div. of 2s. 3d. March 13, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane-Wheeler, St. Martin's Lane, woollen-draper; first div. of 4s. ld. any Wednesday; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Wylde and Slater, Clayton Mills, Lancashire, bleachers; first div. of ls. 81d. on the separate estate of R. B. Wylde, and third div. of 3d. on the separate estate of J. Slater, March 16, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Pott, Manchester - Fray, Wigan, check-manufacturer; first div. of Is. 6d. March 23, or any subsequent Tuesday; Fraser, Manchester - Emery, Lichfield, tailor ; first div. of 6s. 4d. March 18, or any subsequent Thursday ; Valpy, Birmingham-Lane, South Shields, Excise officer ; first and final div. of 16t. 6d. March 13, or any subsequent Saturday; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Scorem SecurEgramoss.-Drysdale, Edinburgh, brush-manufacturer, March 8, April 18-Macdougall, Edinburgh, hosier, March 18, April 15-Turpie, Dundee, tea- merchant, March 18, April 19.