13 MARCH 1852, Page 8

The Bosphorus steam-packet arrived at Plymouth today with the Cape

mail. The expedition across the Kei into Kreli's country had fully accomplished its purpose. It returned to head-quarters at King William's Town, on the 1st of January, with a spoil of 23,000 head of cattle, many thousand goats, and many horses. On the 15th of January the rebel chiefs had a meeting at Sandilli's kraal, and sent two of their councillors to request Mr. Brownlee, the Gaika Commissioner, to interest himself in procuring peace. Sir Harry Smith replied that the Queen cannot treat with "rebels" ; their surrender must be a " general and unconditional surrender" ; "this tendered in a solemn manner and in good faith, hos- tilities would cease." On the 27th of January there was "prospect of peace," but as the unconditional surrender had not been made, the troops were ordered to make a combined movement on the country of Seyolo, Stock, Tole, and Zazini. Private letters said that the peaceful overtures were a ruse; but general opinion was that the movement on the 26th and 27th would "finish the war."

Major-General Cathcart arrived:at Madeira on the 17th of last month, on his voyage to the Cape of Good Hope. The passage had been most boisterous : he was washed out of his berth, but had proved a good sailor.