13 MARCH 1852, Page 9

The Directors of the Royal Italian Opera at Covent Garden

have put forth the programme of the approaching season, which is to commence on Tuesday the 23d instant; After enumerating the thirty-six operas, com- plete in all their appointments, of which the present repertoire consists, they announce the following novelties : Spobr's Faust, adapted to the Italian stage by the composer himself, and to be produced under his own direction ; a new opera called _Pietro it Grande, by Monsieur Jullien ; Ros- sini's Comte Ory ; Weber's Oberon, the libretto, with tho addition of re- citatives, rearranged by the author, Mr. Planch6; and Donizetti'a Mar- tyrs. The company includes our old favourites, Grisi, Castellon, Viardot, Mario, Tamberlik, Ronconi, and Formes ; together with Mademoiselle Zerr, Tagliafico, Marini, Polonini, and several others of the second rank ; and the following new names are announced—Madame Gazzaniga, from the Scala at Milan, Madame Medori from St. Petersburg, Mademoiselle Teresa Seguin; Signor Galvani from Milan, Herr Ander from the Im- perial Theatre at Vienna, M. Guiemard, principal tenor of the Grand Opera at Paris, and Signor Bartolini from Palermo. Mr. Costa, of course, continues to be director of the music and conductor. A ballet company has been engaged, to give short divertissements on those evenings when the opera is not sufficiently long to form an evening's entertainment. " This arrangement," says the prospectus, " will avoid the necessity for giving portions only of other operas ; a plan, except on extraordinary occasions, subject to much objection." Most true ; and we have often protested against the barbarous practice, at both the Italian theatres, of giving fragments of operas. Mr. Lumley has not yet made his official announcement; but the Times of this morning volunteers a statement that Her Majesty's Theatre will open on the 25th of this month, at the closing of the Italiens in Paris. Sontag and Cruvelli reappear. Among the singers newly engaged are to be, Joanna Wagner announced as a German Jenny Lind ; Ferlotti, "known as a singer and tragic actor" ; and Bassini, a barytone. The principal dan- cers will be Rosati, Guy Stephan, and ultimately Cerito.