13 MARCH 1852, Page 9

The scrapes that may be supposed incidental to the life

of a modern Templar' who relieves the severity of his legal studies by getting into financial embarrassments, have been worked into a farce by Mr. Tom Taylor and enlivened with what may be called descriptive dramatic writing. A piece of this sort, in which the important personages are more numerous than in ordinary farce, is well adapted to the Princess's Theatre, with its strong comic company. Mr. and Mrs. Keeley as a couple of clerks, Mr. Wigan and Mr. Everett as the dissipated and steady banisters, and Mr. Meadows as a low broker's man, do not leave a corner of the work incomplete ; and Our Clerks in No. 3 Fig-Tree Court is not only a legitimate success, but leaves a pleasing impression of artistical talent and care that survives the laugh of the moment.