13 MARCH 1875, Page 1


AFTER a series of intrigues which remain partly unintelligible, though we have stated elsewhere the theory which seems best -supported by the evidence, the President of the French Republic has .collected a Ministry. It is a fairly good one, as times go. Its head is M. Buffet, Minister of the Interior, whom we described last week, -and who may be defined for English readers as a very rigid -Tory, who will compel all parties to abstain from intrigues, but -will let bygones be bygones. It contains General de Cissey, 'War Minister, in whom the President and M. Thiers have both reposed trust ; the Due Decazes, the Foreign Secretary acceptable -to all Europe; M. Dufaure, the most rigid legalist in France; M. Walton, Minister of Education, the "godfather" of the new Repub- lic; and M. Leon Say, Minister of Finance, an economist of the best repute; and it comprises no one whom Republicans would consider certain to betray them. Its programme has not yet been given to the world, but it is believed that it will involve the raising of the state of siege everywhere except in Paris, Lyons, and Marseilles, the passing of a new and stringent Press Law, the election of the Senate in September, and the dissolution of the Assembly in 'October next. As the Left have promised to support it, the Ministry will have a steady majority of four to three.