13 MARCH 1953, Page 13


Set by V. P. Stratford The under-mentioned imaginary bodies are applying for a grant of arms: Alcoholics Anonymous (Fleet Street branch); Actors and Critics Friendly Association; Ancient Order of Bird Watchers; Astronomical and Astrological Mutual Benefit Association; Back Benchers' (All Parties) Dining Club; Greater London Botanical Society; Institute of Beer Tasters; League of Train Watchers and Autograph Hunters; London Monuments Preservation Guild; London Tax Inspectors' Amateur Operatic Society; Outer Space Explorers Association; Professional Psychiatrists' Golf Club. Describe in non-heraldic language (see Peacock's Crotchet Castle, chapter 1, paragraphs 4, 5 and 6) appropriate coats-of-arms for any three of these bodies, and give suitable mottoes in English, French or Latin. Limit 200 words, and the motto should not exceed five words—usual prizes.

Entries must be addressed to the Spectator, 99 Gower Street, London, W.C.1, in envelopes marked "Competition," and must be received not later than March 25th. Results will be published in the Spectator of April 3rd.