13 MAY 1848, Page 11


The large circle formerly occupied by the panorama of -London is-now Ailed with a panorama of Paris, seen by moonlight The effect is very Nautili:1: the buildings—the abundant foliage that sarrotmds Paris—the gas-lights that adorn the streets, and as it were gild their fretwork with beads of light in lengthened rows--forni a pierare mageifieent and fairy- like- So far as we can judge in the artificial light the painting is well executed. The ligffits are very ingeniously nsanaged: the crossing of moonlight with the yellower gaslight and the redder glow from some of the houses is contrived with much skill. It is to be understood that the light is quite sufficient for a very distinct view of the scene, so that the gatetator attains a more complete view of Paris from the imaginary balloon of the Colosseum, suspended over the Tuileries, than has ever been vouch- kfed to any but actual aktronauts. The theatre of the three great. Revolu- eons, the spot from which Europe has been stirred thrice within the life of man, lies at your feet—a great living map fbr the elucidation of the news- Papers of the day. The only difficulty is, that you cannot very well refer t0 the key in the catalogue: a glance at that- before you leave the lighter Pets of the building will supply you with a clue to your position when Ioa ham .ascended.