13 MAY 1848, Page 20


Aitsrvsn-At Gravesend, 10th May, Southampton. Bowen; and Monarch, Weller, from Calcutta ; 11th, Agincourt, Neatby ; and Indian Chief, Noble, from Sydney ; Bucephalus, Bell ; Sea Park, Humphries; and Ellenborough, Lambert, from Calcutta ; and Coromandel, -, from Mauritius. In the Downs, Ditto, Australasia, Connell ; and Colonist, Headly, for Hobart Town ; Catherine Jamieson, Hutchinson ; and Pes- torthe Bomanjee, Austin, from Sydney ; Andromache, Pena- lore ; and Queen, Gordon, from China ; Poictiers, Mollison, from Madras ; Isabella Blythe, -- ; and Packet, Squires, from Mauritius; and Mary, Storey, from the Cape. At Portsmouth, 10th, William Melville, Thomas, from the Cape. At Plymouth, 6th, Belle Alliance, Milton, from Batavia ; 7th, Madonna, Ferguson, from Maulmain ; and 8th, Hope, Marshall, from New Zealand. At Liverpool, 7th, Albert Edward, Downward, from China ; and Crown, Johns: and Rosina, Gale, from Bombay ; 8th, Walton, Littler, from China ; and Urgent, M•Farlane, from Calcutta ; 9th, Sir H. Pottinger, WWear, from Ditto ; and 10th, Ireton, Bell, from Ditto. At Dublin, 9th, Old England, Howard, from China. In the Clyde, 8th, Richmond. Berwick, from Mauritius. At the Cape, previous to the 12th March, Martha, Wolley ; zenotas, Owen ; and Scotia, Strickland, from London. At Sydney, 2d Jan. Kelso, Roxburgh ; and Winscales, Sproul, from London.

Serum-From Gravesend, 5th May, Alverton, Buckland, for Madras ; 7th, Nereides, Boodles's, for Calcutta ; 8th, Nile, M'FarlIne, for Ditto ; and 10th, R. Thornton, Max- well, for Batavia ; and Seringapatam, Furnell, for Madras.