13 MAY 1848, Page 20


Tuesday, May 9.


Whitty and Ellis, Liverpool, printers-Mackem and Fitzpatrick, Booth, Lancashire, surgeons-Noble and Co. Liverpool. shipwrights-W. and J. G. Parker, Shades:1_ Worrell and Co. Manchester, small-ware manufacturers -Langhom and Scott, Kendal, coopers-M.0111 and Eastman, Windmill Street, dyers -Pooley and Taylor, Manches- ter, engineers-Feliden and Sons, Blackburn, cotton-spinners; as far as regards J. L. Feliden-Gregson and Tiplady, Durham, attornies-Morley and Speakman, Parr, L. cashire, chemists-Cooper and Co. Owston, Lincolnshire, manufacturers of sacking_ Banbury and Wright, Angel Court, Throgmorton Street-Smith and Dutton, Warring. ton, maltsters-Shuttleworth and Laycock, Sheffield, brush-makers-H. and J. Nock Birmingham, watch-glass manufacturers-W. and E. Inch, Nettlebridge. Somerset. shire, hosiers-C. and G. Hawkins, Leighton Buzzard, grocers-Segar and Houlding, Liverpool, corn-merchants--Livermore and Franall, Tottenham Court Road, pawnbro- kers-Bower and Co. Kippur, Yorkshire, coalmasters ; as far as regards IL Wood- Ayrshire Iron Company, Glasgow.


BAYLY, Kamm., Folkestone, grocer, to surrender May 16, June 22 : solicitor, Mr. Dods, St. Martin's Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Guildhall Chambers. BRADINO, HENRY, Shepherd and Shepherdess Walk, victualler, May 16, June ; solicitor, Mr. Ashley, High Street, Shoreditch ; official assignee, Mr. Stansfeld,

Arms Yard •

CAHAN. RDwARD, Strand, tailor, May 18. June 23 : solicitor, Mr. Sidney, Finsbury Circus ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Guildhall Chambers. Coorsa, Thomas, Tottenham Court Road. baker, May 19, June 17: solicitor, Mr. Garry, Chancery Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury. DEELEY, Joins, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, iron-founder, May 23, June 20: soli- citor, Mr. Hodgson, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mn. Whitmore, Basinghall. Street. Fcrrcuza, ROBERT, Great Winchester Street, steel-manufacturer, May 16, June 20: solicitors, Messrs. Lawrance and Flews, Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street.

GRIMILY, RICHARD, Banbury, wine-merchant, May 19, June 23: solicitors, Mr. Baxter, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; Messrs. Tims and Co. Banbury ; official assignee, Mr. Stausfeld, King's Arms Yard.

HILL, JOSEPH, Birmingham, jeweller. May 20, June 17 : solicitor, Mr. Suckling, Bk. mingham ; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham. Harrow, WILLIAM, Pudding Lane, bricklayer, May 18, June 21 : solicitor, Mr. Strati, Buckingham Street, Strand ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basitighall Street. ElIGHESON, JOSEpH, and MACKAY, ALEXANDER, East Indies, merchapts, May 16, Jane 20: solicitors, Messrs. Fyson and Co. Old Jewry ; official assignee;Sic. Whitmore, Basinghall Street.

Joassetr, Joust, Great Winchester Street, merchant,-May 17, June 15 : solicitor. Mr. Cotterill, Throgniorton Street.; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coletoan Street Buildings.

LIDDIATT, Jossra, Salley Place, Whitehead's Grove, Chelsea, builder, May 19, June 17: solicitor, Mr. Smith, Barnard's Ian; official assignee, Mr. Follett,-Badinglual St.

HICKLAM, WILLIAM PLucnnwrr, Fleet Street. tobaccon,K May 16, June 20: soli- citor, Mr. Ghley, Earl Street, Blackfriars; official assignee, Mr. Cannan, Bgrchin Lane. MURPHY, GEORGE. Church Street, Camberwell, pluariber, May 23, June 20 : solicitors, Messrs. Hooke and Co. Brabant Court, Phllpot Loh ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry. Roan, JAMES BLOOMFIELD, Mylne Street, elaremont Square, cattle-dealer, May 19, June 20: solicitors, Mesas. Waugh and Mitchell, Great James Street, Bedford Bow; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street.

SIMMONS, HENRy, Ramsgate, grocer, May 23, June 20 solicitors, Means. Hall and Co. Verulam Place, Gray's Inn -; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane. TOMLINSON, Joarr. Liverpool,' stone-mason, May 23, June 9: solicitors, Messrs. Sharpe and Co. ; Messrs. Lowndes and Co. Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool.

TREGERTHEN, Aternorr4, LlatiellY,-Breconshire, grocer, May 22, Jane 22: solicitors, Messrs. Blower and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; Mr. Leman, Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Acraman, Bristol.

WEBBER, Wicuem, Cheltenham, grater. May 23, June 22: solicitors, Messrs. Jones and Co. Crosby Square ; Mr. Smallridge, Gloucester ; official assignee, Mr. Acraman, Bristol.

Wmcismsjunior, Wicusra, and THOMAS, Cheltenham, auctioneers May 22, June 22: solicitors, Messrs. Bromley and Co. Gray's Inn ; Mr. Chesshire, Cheltenham ; official assignee, Mr. Miller, Bristol.


May 30, Wright, Oxford Street, druggist -May 30, Miller, Ipswich, victualler-June

1, Stocken, Walham Green' brewer-May 30, Stephenson, Southwick Street, Hyde Park, apothecary-May 30, Jones, Notting Hill, draper-May 30, Bentley. St. John's Street Road, Clerkenwell, linen-draper-Slay 30, Gooding, Old Brentfonl, glass-cutter -May 30, Lett, Apsley Guise, Bedfordshire, builder-May 31, Slade and Co. Poole, merchants-June I, R. and S. Ashby, Upper Thames Street, mealmen-may 30, Rougemont, Broad Street Buildings, merchant-May 30, Clarke, Burton Leaguer, Northamptonshire, carpet-manufacturer-June 1, Furby and Stockton, Sack yule Street, Piccadilly. tailors-June 1, Clark, Aidermanbury, warehouseman-June 1, Pithey, Philpot Lane, Fenchurch Street, merchant-June 6, Bevan, Brecon, corn-dealer-June 1, Uglow, St. Thomas the Apostle, Cornwall, corn-factor -June 1, Cosway, Tiverton, Devonshire, woolstapler-June 1, Tuckett, Exeter, herballst-June 1, Pearce, Keaton, Devonshire, baker-June 1, Synnot, Liverpool, merchant-June 1, Roberts, Lind. daussant, Anglesey, grocer-June 9, Dobson, Tunstall, Staffordshire, draper-June 5, Gales, Ford, Durham ship-builder-June 3, Martin, Darlington, Durham, plumber- June 7, Brown, Hull, bookseller-May 23, Bewley, Leamington Priors, grocer.


To be granted, unless cause be Mown to the contrary, on the day qf meeting.

May 30, S L. L. Lazarus, (known as S. L. Lawrence,) Oxford Street, horse-dealer-' May 30, Bulimore, Clerkenwell Clone, gold-wire-drawer-May 30, Fuller, Hoehn Old Town, carman-May 31, Baker, George Street, Hanover Square, tailor-June 1, Scott, Tunbridge Wells, innkeeper-June 1, Wood, Drury Lane, victualler-May 31, Master- son, Lansdowne Terrace, South Lambeth, warehouseman-May 30, Francis, Folkestone, Ironmonger-June 2, Chapman, Cambridge, livery-stable-keeper-June 1, Allen, Sel- moth Place, Bryanston Square, riding-master-May 30, Dabberley, Monmouth, watch' maker-June 5, Hastings, Cheltenham, butcher-June 2, Hornsby, Darlington, Durham, miller-May 30, Gill, Black Banks, Darlington, Durham, brick-manufacturer-June I, Hope, Tunbridge Wells, grocer-June I, Morrish, Leicester Square, draper-June 1, Shaw, Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square, upholsterer--June 2, Rontree, 119110 Ferry, Durham, grocer-June 5, Gales, Ford, Durham, ship-builder-June I, FramPtolg Beaminster, Dorsetstare, butcher-June 1, Braddlck, !Riverton, Devonshire. brick- maker-May 31, Lewis, Plymouth, grocer-June I, Galpin, Broadwindsor, Dorsetahlre, innkeeper-June 5, Hannay, Birkenhead, stock-broker-June 5, Nickson, Rusbon, Den- bighshire, publican-May 30, Owen, Ruthin, Denbighshire, auctioneer-May 30, Buck' master, Liverpool, wine-merchant-May 30, George, Broseley, Shropshire, grocer'- May 31, Goodwin, Birmingham, newspaper-proprietor. To be confirmed unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before May 30. Bromly, Great Bromley, Essex, dealer in cattle-Langwith, Lidllng ton Place, Ostia Square, builder-Harvey, Stock Exchange, stock-dealer-Speller, Berkeley Street West, builder -Teversham Junior, Cornhill, stock-broker-Farmer, Great Sutton Street Clerkenwell, engineer-Ham, otherwise Baker, Wells, Somersetshire, milliner-MOqt Liverpool, victualler-Woolf, Penzance, brewer-Broad, Bristol, amber-merchant Wallace, Liverpool, corn-merchant -Gundry, Bridport, banker.


Dailey and Inskipp, Long Lane, Bermondsey, leather-manufacturers ; die. of Is. 2d. gay ii, and three following Thursday ; Mr. Stansfeld, King's Arms Yard-Mawson, Boom druggist ; first and final div. of 10s. 2d. May 9, and every following Tuesday ; err. Hobson, Manchester-Clayton and Wilson, Preston, bankers ; first dlr. of 3s. 4d. gr,F 9, and every following Tuesday ; Mr. Hobson Manchester-Douglas, Bury, des- ' first div, of 3s. I Id. May 9, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Pott, Manchester-Hind and Warbrick, Liverpool, corners; first div. or Is. May IL or any subsequent Thursday, gr. Cazenove, Liverpool-Reed, Marlborough, brewer; (nether dlr. of 2$. 6d. May 10, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Hutton, Bristol-Curme, Hilperton, Wiltshire, brew- er; div. of 2s. 6d. May 10, or any subsequent Wednew:lay ; Mr. Hutton, Bristol-New- t% East Retford, draper ; first die. of 15s. May 13, or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Freeman, Sheffield-astin, Lenton, Nottinghamshire, Ironmonger; nest div. of Si. May Is or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Freeman, Sheffield-Cooper, York, stock-broker ; ant die. of Is. 6d. May 11, or any subsequent Thursday; Mr. Freeman. Leeds-Robin- Huddersfield, fancy-cloth-manufacturer ; first div. of 6d. May 11, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Woore, Staines, victualler ; first die. of 2s. 4d. May II and two subsequent Mondays ; Mr. Cannon, Birchin Lane.


Simpson and Son, Greenock, upholsterers, May 13, June 3-Philp, Kirkcaldy, dis- tiller, may 12, June 2- Russell, Glasgow, tea-merchant, May 11, June 1-Madden and sous, Aberdeen, wool-spinners, May 16, June 6 -Masson and Co. Grandholm Mills, Aberdeen, flax-spinners, May 15, June 5-Webster, West Mains of Gardyne, Forfar- ogre, farmer, May 17, June 7-34'Kechnie, Glasgow, merchant, May 12, June 2-E. end J. Walker, Edinburgh, woollen-drapers, May 15, June 5-Balrd and Co. Tarbolton, Aron*, ltimber-merchants, May 13, Jane 3-Ronald and Co. Glasgow, merchants, gay 16, June 6.


Ffambargh. and Engel and Co. Leeds, wool-staplers-Stone and Gunter, Bush

Lane, merchants-W. and S. Parsons junior, Nottingham, attornies-Johnson and Gough, Bradley, Staffordshire, boller-makers4layles and Co. Oxford, warehousemen _wells and Brown, High Street, Whitechapel, woollen-drapers-Livermore and Tra- nab, Tottenham Court Road, pawnbrokers-Marshall and Co. Knightsbridge, glover.; as far as regards G. A. Marshall-Booth and Cotton, Crewe, Cheshire, mercers-Booth

and CO. Birmingham, factors; as far as regards E. M. Richards -Piddnck and Farnell. Shrewsbury, mercers-Jones and Morris, Beath, lime-burners -.Tones and Smith. Ll

verpool, brewers-Pewters and Co. Bristol, stationers-Rooks and Jowett, Birstal, card- makers-Chadwick and Booker. Sheffield, quarrymen-The Banking Company in Aber- deen, Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company, Aberdeen Gas Light Company, Aberdeen Commercial Company, and Edinburgh Life Assurance Company ; as far as regards A. Crumble.


ACOME, GEORGE, Robert Street, Henover Square, tailor, to surrender May 18, June 26: solicitor, Mr. Ambrose, Manchester Square ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Cole- Man Street.

ASHTON, WILLIAM, Barton, Coventry, surgeon, May 20, June 15: solicitors, Mr. Davis, Coventry ; Mr. Smith, Birmingham ; official assignee, Hr. Yalpy, Birmingham. garrea, RICHARD, Hertford, innkeeper, May 23, June 23: solicitor, Mr. Weymouth, Joints Street, Buckingham Gate ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry, Bools, JOHN, Audlem, Cheshire, maltster, June 6, 20: solicitors, Messrs. Keightley arid Co. Chancery Lane ; Mr. Etches, Whitchurch ; Mr. Tyrer, Liverpool ; official as- signee, Mr. Turner, Liverpool.

FINNEY, FREDERICK, Tottenham, pastrycook, May 19, June 23: solicitors, Messrs. Gleason and Co. Angel Court, Throgmorton Street ; official assignee, Mr. Cannan, Birehin Lane.

Hume, Jossen, Halifax, wire-deawer, May 25, June 29: solicitors, Messrs. Jones and Co. John Street, Bedford Row; Messrs. Rade and Clarke, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Young, Leeds.

MATER. SAMUEL, Burslem, earthenware-manufacturer, May 23, July 4: solicitors, Mr. Woiston, Furnival's Inn ; Messrs. Bishop :mei Twigg, Burslem; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham.

OWENs, MaRY ANN, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, victualler, May 23, June 13: solicitors, Mears. Cornthwaite and Adams, Old Jewry Chambers ; Sir. Pemberton, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool.

psEsToN, MosES, Wakefield, surgeon, May 23, June 29: solicitors, Messrs. Gregory and Co. Bedford Row ; Messrs. Westmoreland and Taylor, Wakefield ; official assignee, Mr. Young, Leeds. Beementrear, L'HARLES, Biriniiiglidtn, eating-housekeeper, May 23, July 4; solicitor, Mr. Smith, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham.

SEARLE, BMW SMITH, Queen's Place, Kennington, dealer in surgical Instruments, May 20, June 17 : solicitor, Mr. Meymott, Biackfriars Road ; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Sambrook CoPrt.

SELF, EDWARD, Bafireesemonger, May 25, June 23: solicitor, Mr. Cruttwell, Bath ; official assignee, r. Acraman, Bristol.

IIIIPHRAY, Grpaoe, Liverpool, merchant; June 6, 20: solicitors, Messrs. Sharpe and Co. Bedford Row ; Messrs. *filer and Peel, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Turner, Liverpool.


June 2, Apsdin, Northeeet, Portland-cenient-manufatucrer-June 5, Harvey, Stock Exchange, stock-dealer-June 2, Taylor, Biackfriars Road, victualler- June 2, Bain- bridge, Cords Place, Old Kent Road, grocer-June 2, Hayward and Adam, Paternoster Bow, booksellers-June 20, Bagnall junior, Leek, grocer-June 7, Waddell, Liverpool, wine-merchant-June 5, Banks, Liverpool, tallow-chandler-June 6, Healey, Liver- pool, merchant-June 6, Lake, Liverpool, commission-merchant-June 6, 'Wood junior, Leeds, wine-merchant--June 12, Ashton, Pickering, spirit-merchant-June 6, Senior, Laseelles Hall, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer-June 5, Holdsworth, Bradford, York- shire, worsted-spinner-June 5, Wadi, Doncaster, millwright-June 12, Bi'lEay, Man- ningham, Yorkshire, stuff-manufacturer.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

June 5, Pratt, Queen's Road, Notting Hill, builder-June 5, Olive, West Street, Finsbury Circus, merchant-June 2, G. and E. K. Marsh, Hammersmitb, drapers- June 2, Williams, Hampstead Road, builder-June 2, Hoiditch and Co. Backside, cider. merchant -Jane 3, B. ock-e'turst, High Holborn, lamp.manefactunr -June 2, Tie lap- top, Henry- Street, Pentonville, printer-June 2, Stanbrough, Renters Street, wine. merchant-June 2, Davies, Merthyr Tydfil, grocer-June 2, Chandler, Brimseombe, Gloucestershire, innkeeper-June 6, Pope, Newport, Monmouthshire, ship-broker- - June 2, Roberts, Liverpool, ironmonger-June 2, Rand, Preston, provision-dealer- June 2, Webster, Preston, linen-draper-June 16, Fisher and Brown, Newark-upon. Trent, builders--June 16, Hobson, Leicester, builder-June 23, Burch, Nottingham, grocer-June 13, Lench, Worcester, tobacconist-June 10, Ireland, Wean, wine-mer- chant.

To be confirmed unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before June 2.

Beckett, New Shoreham, merchant-Layfield, Burnley, boiler-maker-Moore and Baylis, Norwich, warehousemen-Hannah, Liverpool, apothecary- Oldfield, Liverpool, commission-merchant-W. and J. Batson, Handsworth, iron-masters-Wood, Corbet Court, Gracechurch Street, attorney-Shardlow and Bradshaw, Stone. shoe-manufac- turers-Coe, Sine Lane, Money scrivener-Cartwright, Warrington, grocer-it. T. and J. B. Smith, Cheapside, warehousemen-Dailey, Long Lane, Bermondsey, leather-ma- nufacturer-Elmes, Queen Street, Cheapside. bricklayer-Trigg, Inverness Road, Paddington, builder, - Barr, Hillingdon, Middlesex, miller-Savage, Chesterfield, builder- Lawton, Liverpool, hotel-keeper - Langdale senior, Stockton-upon-Tees and Yarm, corn-dealer - Lawrence, Liverpool, bootmaker - Fellows, Middles- borough, Yorkshire, coal-fitter-Biddle. Brighton, grocer-Andrews, Brighton, fruiterer -Kingsford and Barnwell, Seaton, Kent, millers-Hoole, High Street, Southwark, enwer-Lee,CornhIll, underwriter.


Menton, St. James's Terrace, Camden Town, engraver, first div. of Be. May 15, and two subsequent Mondays ; Mr. Cannon, Birchin Lane-James, River Street, Myddle- Wu Square, builder ; sec. div. of 3d. May 15, and two Subsequent Mondays ; Mr. Can- nan, Birchin Lane-SPTear and Co. Liverpool, merchants ; first die. of 2s. Id. on the geParate estate of T. M•Tear, May 17, or any subsequent Wednesday; Mr. Morgan, LiverPoel-Chorley, Liverpool, merchant ; eleventh div. of fd. any Monday, Mr. Bird, Liverpool-Sandeman, York Street, Southwark, Ironmonger ; first die. of 3s. 4d. any WednesdaY. Mr. Whitmore, Basingball Street-Jackson, Halifax, worsted-spinner ; land sec. die. of 5s. and Is. Id. May 16, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Hope, Leeds-Jerrems, jun. Gainsborough, grocer; first and final die. of Is. 2d. May 16, or arlY subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Hope, Leeds-Denner. Nottingham, pawnbroker ; die. of Afay 13, orany subsequent alternate Saturday ; Mr. Biltleston, Nottingham-Guest, _ anehester, cotton-spinner : first die, of lc 6d. May 16, and every following Tuesday; Me Robson, Manchester-Kay and Co. Bury, brassfounders ; first div. of 10s. 6d. on Me separate estate of W. Kay, May 16, and every following Tuesday ; Mr. Hobson, Man- tnhester-Blake jun. Norwich, soap-maker ; first div. of 3s. May 13, and two subsequent 'aturdaYs; Mr. Edwards,01 Jewry-Yardley, Nelson Terrace, Stoke Newington, at-

torney ; sec. div. of 3s. May 13, and two subsequent Saturdays ; Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry-Nicholson, Leeds, innkeeper ; first and final die. of 5s. 3d. May 16, or any sub- sequent Tuesday ; Mr. Stansfeld, Leeds-Taylor, Bradford, Yorkshire, grocer ; first dlr. of Is. id. May 16, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Stanfeld, Leeds.


Low, Moire of Kinross, saddler, May 20, June 10-Wood, Edinburgh, patent wood carver, May 16, June 8.