13 MAY 1848, Page 4

Zbt eourt.

THE Queen held an investiture of the Order of the Bath, in Buckinglnas Palace, on Saturday; the first which has occurred under the new ccnsutu- tion of that order. Lord Fitzroy Somerset, Lieutenant' General Sir John Macdonald, and General Sir Colin Halket, were invested as MihtarY Knights Grand Crosses; Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas John Cochrane, Ms" jor-General John Rolt, and Major-General William Francis Patrick Na- pier, were invested as Military Knights Commanders; ',the Right Honour- lige Henry Ellis, the Right Honourable Richard Pakenham, Mr. Charles Edward 'Freyalyan, Sir Randolph Isham Routh, Rear-Admiral Francis Beaufort, the Right Honourable James Stephen, Major-General William Morison, and Colonel Henry Montgomery Lawrence, received investment as the first Civil Knight Commanders. Those gentlemen who had not al- ready received the honour of knighthood, were knighted by her Majesty before being invested with the Bath Order. Yesterday, there was a similar ceremony for the Order of the Thistle: the Earl of Dalhousie and the Earl of Camperdown were elected Knights of the Thistle; and the latter was knighted. At the same time, the Queen held a Court, and received addresses of congratulation on the birth of a Princess from the Corporation of London, and the Court of Lieutenancy of London. Sir George Grey, the Lord Steward, and Lord John Russell, had audiences. Her Majesty held a Court and Privy Council on Monday. Baron de Cetto had an audience to present his credentials as Minister Plenipotentiary from the King of Bavaria; the Earl Granville kissed bands on his appoint- ment to be Vice-President of the Board of Trade; Lord John Russell and Lord Lansdowne had audiences. On Thursday, at St. James's Palace, her Majesty held a Drawing- room, very numerously attended. Before the Drawingroom, the Queen reoeived the annual deputation from Christ's Hospital. The Queen and Prince Albert drove to Claremont, and visited the Count and Countess of Neuilly, on Wednesday. On Tuesday, her Majesty re- ceived visits from the Queen Dowager, with her guests, the Duke Bernhard and Datchess Ida of Saxe-Weimar, Prince Edward, and the Princess of Saxe-Weimar; and on Wednesday, from the Dutchess of Cambridge, with her guests, Prince Frederick William of Hesse and Duke George of Mechlenburg.

The Queen and Prince Albert went to the exhibition of the Royal Aca- demy on Saturday morning; to the gardens of the Royal Botanic Society in the Regent's Park on Wednesday morning. In the evening of Wednes- day, her Majesty went to the concert of Ancient Music at the Hanover Square Rooms; Prince Albert preceding her, and presiding as Director of the evening's performance.

Prince Frederick William of Hesse left town for the Continent on Monday.